Saturday, April 30, 2011

Linkulous: Groupon Deals, Joss Whedon's CABIN IN THE WOODS, Studio Logos and more

AMAZON Drops MP3 Prices to $.69

HBO Goes On Demand

Groupon for Concerts Will Help Bands Get Gigs

Lionsgate to help release Joss Whedon's CABIN IN THE WOODS

Americans are More Addicted to LinkedIn than Twitter (STUDY)

14 Variant Logos That Prove Even Studios Enjoy Having a Little Fun

A GOOD OLD FASHIONED ORGY gets a new minimalist poster

Fox's BREAKING IN is a must watch for Geek's everywhere!

New red band trailer and character posters for BRIDESMAIDS

Above: 15 Creative and Nerdy Wedding Invitations. Also, be sure to check out my geeky wedding blog!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

ABDC Season 6: Katy Perry Challenge

Tonight the crews will be taking on the upbeat, sugary sweet tunes of Katy Perry. It'll be interesting to see how krumping works with her pop hits.

Street Kingdom wears the same thing every week. I get that they're hard core street and wear camo, but they need to change it up a little! The first crews saved this week are Phunk Phenomenon and IaMmE, to no surprise since they are currently the best crews so far.

Crew: Phunk Phenomenon
Katy Perry Song: Waking Up In Vegas
Background: They're really involved with, a charity for SanFillipo Syndrome. Visit the site for more info. They also work with Hip Hop For Hope. It's great to see a crew giving back! I'm sure they'll be getting a lot of votes this week for this, on top of the votes for their great routine.
Routine: The roulette move was great and very creative move to illustrate the sound effect and story. D-Trix loves them more and more every week. They took the music and told a story with it. Lil Mama's toned down her eye make up this week, so maybe I'll be able to listen to her. She thnks they're the most powerful crew in the competition. JC loved that they continued the story after most of the crew jumped off stage, but thought the acting at the end veered into the too cheesy territory.

The Vampire Diaries: Season 2 Episode 20 Recap

After a 13 hour work day, I don't have the energy to make this a more cohesive recap. Read through to see my thoughts as I was watching and let me know what you thought of the big twists in the comments!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Glee: I Feel Pretty/Unpretty Mash- up

Last night's episode of Glee was the best in a long while. While it was a little bloated at 90 minutes, it didn't drag and I loved the full songs they were able to include thanks to extended run time. My favorite song from the night definitely belongs to Quinn's and Rachel's "I Feel Pretty" and "Unpretty" mash-up. Listen to the song after the break.

Good Deal: Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series on Blu-Ray for $49.99

Over the weekend, I watched a few segments from Planet Earth again and I am just always blown away by how amazing it is. An in-depth look at parts of the world that most people will never explore, it shows a fascinating world of wildlife, survival of the fittest, and the power of nature. Amazon has an amazing deal going on right now, where you can buy the entire series on eye-popping Blu-Ray for 50%.

Check out this official description from Amazon:
As of its release in early 2007, Planet Earth is quite simply the greatest nature/wildlife series ever produced. Following the similarly monumental achievement of The Blue Planet: Seas of Life, this astonishing 11-part BBC series is brilliantly narrated by Sir David Attenborough and sensibly organized so that each 50-minute episode covers a specific geographical region and/or wildlife habitat (mountains, caves, deserts, shallow seas, seasonal forests, etc.) until the entire planet has been magnificently represented by the most astonishing sights and sounds you'll ever experience from the comforts of home. The premiere episode, "From Pole to Pole," serves as a primer for things to come, placing the entire series in proper context and giving a general overview of what to expect from each individual episode. Without being overtly political, the series maintains a consistent and subtle emphasis on the urgent need for ongoing conservation, best illustrated by the plight of polar bears whose very behavior is changing (to accommodate life-threatening changes in their fast-melting habitat) in the wake of global warming--a phenomenon that this series appropriately presents as scientific fact. With this harsh reality as subtext, the series proceeds to accentuate the positive, delivering a seemingly endless variety of natural wonders, from the spectacular mating displays of New Guinea's various birds of paradise to a rare encounter with Siberia's nearly-extinct Amur Leopards, of which only 30 remain in the wild.

That's just a hint of the marvels on display. Accompanied by majestic orchestral scores by George Fenton, every episode is packed with images so beautiful or so forcefully impressive (and so perfectly photographed by the BBC's tenacious high-definition camera crews) that you'll be rendered speechless by the splendor of it all. You'll see a seal struggling to out-maneuver a Great White Shark; swimming macaques in the Ganges delta; massive flocks of snow geese numbering in the hundreds of thousands; an awesome night-vision sequence of lions attacking an elephant; the Colugo (or "flying lemur"--not really a lemur!) of the Philippines; a hunting alliance of fish and snakes on Indonesia's magnificent coral reef; the bioluminescent "vampire squid" of the deep oceans... these are just a few of countless highlights, masterfully filmed from every conceivable angle, with frequent use of super-slow-motion and amazing motion-controlled time-lapse cinematography, and narrated by Attenborough with his trademark combination of observational wit and informative authority. The result is a hugely entertaining series that doesn't flinch from the predatory realities of nature (death is a constant presence, without being off-putting). At a time when the multiple threats of global warming should be obvious to all, let's give Sir David the last word, from the closing of Planet Earth's final episode: "We can now destroy or we can cherish--the choice is ours."
You can buy it from Amazon here:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Key of Awesome: Kanye West - Monster ft. Nicki Minaj Parody

Key of Awesome have come out with another music parody and it's already got over 2 million views. This time they take down Kanye West's Monster, as well as Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Regis Philbin, and Sesame Street's Cookie Monster. Let's face it, he's got the most Monster experience of the crew, so I'm glad they showed him some respect!

Watch the video after the break.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Music Monday: We Used to be Friends by The Dandy Warhols

My roommate recently got in to watching Veronica Mars on Netflix Instant, so we spent a lot of our down time this weekend plopped on our couch watching it. While it's a great show, especially season 1, I really love the opening credits. After watching so many episodes that I lost count, I can't get the theme song out of my head.

Watch the music video for We Used To Be Friends by The Dandy Warhols after the break.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Top 5 Most Anticipated Summer 2011 Blockbusters

This summer is packed with so many tentpole films, there won't be a dull movie weekend starting next week all the way through to August. Summer movie starts earlier and earlier every year, and this year FAST FIVE has declared in their marketing that "Summer Begins April 29." I don't know if they've noticed, but there's still snow on the ground in some parts of America! Oh well, they consider it good for business since "summer" is when more people go to the movies, more often.

With a new big-budget blockbuster every week, I've decided to narrow the list down to my top 5, most anticipated flicks.


I hope this movie makes some serious money so female comedies are no longer synonymous with romantic comedies! With an all-star comedy cast, and Kristen Wiig finally taking  a leading role, this movie should be a laugh riot for both guys and girls. Aiming to be THE HANGOVER for the ladies, it's definitely got the talent behind the screen to deliver on that promise.

Check out the official plot synopsis from IMDB:

Annie (Kristen Wiig), is a maid of honor whose life unravels as she leads her best friend, Lillian (Maya Rudolph), and a group of colorful bridesmaids (Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Wendi McLendon-Covey and Ellie Kemper) on a wild ride down the road to matrimony. Annie's life is a mess. But when she finds out her lifetime best friend is engaged, she simply must serve as Lillian's maid of honor. Though lovelorn and broke, Annie bluffs her way through the expensive and bizarre rituals. With one chance to get it perfect, she'll show Lillian and her bridesmaids just how far you'll go for someone you love.
BRIDESMAIDS is out in theaters on May 13.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Lonely Island's Turtleneck & Chain Track Listing

The Lonely Island have just released the tracklisting for the next album, Turtleneck & Chain. We've heard a few of these tracks, like I Just Had Sex and the great Dick in a Box follow-up, Motherlover, but most of these are completely new. Check out the full track listing after the break. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Linkulous: Digital Nomads, Chuck, Facebook Wedding Etiquette, and more

The rise of the digital nomad - Entrepreneurs, workers drawn to fully mobile lifestyle that modern technology can afford

ABDC Season 6: Black Eyed Peas Challenge

This week the Top 8 crews finally perform on the same night! This week they have the challenge of trying to make me the Black Eyed Peas songs work in their favor. The 6 crews with the most votes will advance to the next show, with the bottom 2 fighting it out for the judges. The first two crews saved are Iconic Boyz & Phunk Phenomenon! I'm very surprised the kids get the pass so early.

Crew: Iconic Boyz
Black Eyed Peas Song: Just Can't Get Enough
Background: For the choreography they have to all be connected at one point on stage. And when that kid says he's liked them for his whole life, I'm pretty sure that's true.
Routine: They're just so little! I liked the electric theme they went with, and how they electrified when they connected. JC noticed they got sloppy at points and walked into formations. D-Trix thinks they're SO CUTE and thinks they have the ability to use their cuteness to their advantage. He also really liked the metaphor that they were connected to the music with those big headphones. Lil Mama said something, but I totally wasn't listening because her eye makeup and outfit distracted me too much. Hopefully I'll be able to catch what she says for the next group.

Crew: Phunk Phenomenon
Black Eyed Peas Song: Don't Stop The Party
Background: They have to use speed control, slowing it down and then speeding it up within their moves. This is hard for them because they're a high energy group. 
Routine: Their slow-mo move was AMAZING. They had a great performance that mixed in the tricks and acrobatics with solid choreography. JC thinks they just put everybody on blast! They are good at everything, and D-Trix can't wait to see next week and neither can I! This crew is definitely one that has the potential to go all the way to the finale. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Vampire Diaries: Season 2 Episode 19 Recap

Last we saw Mystic Falls, they were in the thick of all the Klaus villiany goodness. After discovering that Bonnie didn't actually die, Elena wasn't about to put her at risk again. She pulled the dagger from Elijah's chest, essentially bringing him back to life.

This week we dive deep into The Originals' back stories. His revival takes him back to the moment he met Katherine, the first doppelganger. This episode was full of flashbacks, but they were all so brief, just glimpses in to the past. Let's take a closer look at them.

THE GOONIE'S Chunk is all grown up!

One of my favorite movies growing up was THE GOONIES. I loved the adventure, the humor, just everything! Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, and Josh Brolin basically got their start on the film and have gone on to some major projects since then. Well, Corey Feldman kind of peaked in the 80s, but the other two are still working today. But what happened to Chunk? The goofy, kind of chubby kid who introduced the Truffle Shuffle to the world?

Find out after the break.

The Ultimate Summer Movie Trailer

This summer is the most blockbuster packed that I can ever remember! Every weekend a new action/superhero/family-friendly-animation/big-name-connected movie is coming out. Apparently, summer begins  on April 29 now (according to FAST FIVE marketing anyway), so this is looking to be the longest "summer" ever. Don't have time to catch up on all the trailers and marketing materials for each flick? Watch the Ultimate Summer Movie Trailer from ScreenRant after the break. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good Deal: HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON Blu-Ray/DVD Pack for $13

Since I have Music Mondays and Linkulous Fridays, I think I'm going to try to have Good Deal Wednesdays. I've already been posting Good Deals, but not on a regular basis. So here begins Good Deal Wednesdays!

One of my favorite movies from last year, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, is now available for only $13 on Blu-Ray/DVD. It made it on my Top 15 Movies of 2010 List, so I definitely think it's worth the money.

It's a great coming of age story about believing in yourself and going your own way, filled with laughs. I saw it in 3D, and while it was a great experience, watching it on Blu-Ray was just as fun to watch. The animation is beautiful no matter what dimension you watch it in.

You can buy it from Amazon below:
How to Train Your Dragon (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Dragon Double Pack) [Blu-ray]

Monday, April 18, 2011

Awesome Fan-Made Retro X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Credits Sequence

The 60's set X-MEN: FIRST CLASS has not focused on the fact that it's technically a period piece. Looking at the posters and trailers, they've followed closely along what has been set forth in the previous, contemporary-set X-MEN films. Some fans have taken it upon themselves to create materials that reflect the look of the 1960's and this fan-made trailer is my favorite of the bunch.

Watch the slick credits and find out more about the creator after the break.

Music Monday: Miami 2 Ibiza by Tinie Tempah

This Monday was tougher than usual for me. After a weekend in Vegas, I feel like I need another weekend to just catch up on sleep! This jam helped wake me up today, thanks to its rocking beat and catchy lyrics. I caught Tinie Tempah's first US show a couple months ago and am not surprised that his "Written in the Stars" track is blowing up. This was my favorite song from his performance, so it just might be his next big single since it's already got a music video.

Catch the sexy music video, featuring a crazy night of partying in clubs and then some topless swimming from his lady companion, after the break.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Linkulous: The Gay Marriage Debate, Coachella, Taxes and more

An Anti-Gay Marriage Crusader on His Conversion

Is there finally going to be a nerdgirl movie?

Where to Watch Coachella Live Online - Many Angelenos are making the trek to Coachella today! For those that either couldn't get tickets or just don't want to put up with the dirt and crowds, you can watch a lot of it online in the comfort of your own home.

Help make a difference for millions - My former employer is doing a Walk for Psoriasis, please donate if you can!

 What Employers Look Up on Social Media Sites 

Since today is Tax Day, here a couple interesting articles about where our money is going and who is paying the most:

I wrote a few articles this week, check out my writing elsewhere on the web: 

John West 4/8 Key Club Los Angeles Review

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Season 2: Episode 1 Recap

HARRY POTTER documentaries will keep the magic alive

300 sequel on the way, no longer called XERXES

Thursday, April 14, 2011

ABDC Season 6: Ke$ha Challenge

This week, the remaining 5 crews are performing to Ke$ha hits. Last week's episode was so strong with IaMmE Crew and Street Kingdom. We'll see which crews shine through this week.

The group performance to "We R Who We R" was even better than last week's! Again, each crew got a chance to take center stage, and I think Instant Noodles and 787 Crew were the standouts for me. Iconic Boys were instantly recognizable because of their size and youth. It'll be interesting to see if a crew so young can stand equal with the big boys (or girls).

Crew: FootWorKings
Ke$ha Song: Tik Tok
Background: Footworking is a Chicago style that has Mike N Ikes, Dribbles, and Erk N Jerks. You basically move your feet to every beat of the song. Dancing to Ke$ha, they have to worry about making sure they feet can keep up to the beat.
Routine: The backflips at centerstage were great since he just went right into the footwork and was able to stay in time with the others. I loved the last move where the girl, "Lil Bit" ended as the only one standing. She definitely works hard to stay in time, keep up with the quickness of the guys, but also stand out since she is the only girl. JC pointed out a dangerous "ankle break" move that I would not have noticed without that slow-mo. D-Trix thinks this footwork is the future of hip hop and is glad they're showing it off to America. He's already a fan and I think I am too.

The Vampire Diaries: Season 2 Episode 18 Recap

Last week on The Vampire Diaries, sooo much double-crossing happened and it ended with Isabelle dead, Alaric posessed by Klaus, and Bonnie with all the dead witches' power.

Klaus doesn't want Elijah alive any more than any of the others. Katherine's being held captive and he's using her to get information on what the Salvatores have been up to and to make sure he'll be a passable Alaric.

"I've searched for you for the past 500 years. Your death is going to last at least half that long." 

After that chilling line, he compelled Katherine to stab herself repeated until he returned. So begins her 250+ years of pain.

I guess the Dark Side seems more fun?

Kids today say the darnest things! When I was young, I wanted to be a princess or an astronaut or the President, but no matter what it was I always wanted to be the good guy. This little girl has some darker intentions it seems. Check out the video from Disneyland's Jedi Academy show after the break.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chuck's Yvonne Strahovski takes on Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and Lady Gaga

the least flattering photo of her ever...

Yvonne Strahovski doesn't get to show her comedic talents much on Chuck. She's usually the serious spy, the love, the badass, but never the funnyman. In this College Humor original, she's a pop star made up of the worst (or best depending on your outlook) parts of Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and Lady Gaga in a single song. Be sure you watch til the end for one last impression/surprise!

Music Video: Kaleidoscope by Chase McCloud

Chase McCloud is a budding musical artist from New Orleans, LA (with a pretty sweet name),but the real focus here is on the music video. Produced by my friend's production company, So It Goes Productions, it adds a great storyline and visuals to the track. I particularly love the effects when the mirror shatters and color comes into this world. Check out the full video after the break.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Disney Dubstep: Mickey Mouse Pwnz Kid

Is this day going super slowly for anyone else?

Even if the effects weren't added, I love their dance moves! Why do I never see this sort of thing when I'm at Disneyland? Enjoy the video after the break to help you pass your Tuesday afternoon.

Good Deal: Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day

It's that time of year again! Stop in to your local Ben & Jerry's from noon to 8pm to receive a free ice cream cone. Ice cream is already delicious, but everything tastes better when it's free!

Check out their new flavors you can try:

  • Late Night Snack: Inspired by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – Fair Trade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with a Salty Caramel Swirl & Fudge Covered Potato Chip Clusters (the fudge uses Fair Trade cocoa, too!)
  • Bonnaroo Buzz: – Light Coffee & Malt ice creams with Whiskey Caramel swirls & English Toffee pieces. This flavor, inspired by the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, is back by popular demand in Scoop Shops and now available in pints!
  • Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream: Vanilla ice cream with fudge covered waffle cone pieces & a caramel swirl. A long time pint favorite, so popular we made it a scoop shop flavor for the first time this year!
  • Clusterfluff: Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Caramel Cluster Pieces, Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Swirls

For more info on Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day, visit their official website.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Music Monday: Cough Syrup by Young the Giant

Young the Giant has been getting a lot of exposure lately! I saw them back in November for The Audio Perv and am glad to see them getting more press. Check out their track Cough Syrup after the break.

Good Deal: SERENITY Blu-Ray only $10.49

My regular readers know just how big a Joss Whedon fan I am. So for me to say SERENITY is one of his most under-rated projects, that means you have to check it out. Even if you haven't seen Firefly, this movie can stand alone. I had many friends who saw the movie and loved it so much that they went back and checked out the series.

And now, for a limited time, the Blu-Ray is only $10.49 on Amazon. This is a MUST BUY situation. Head over to Amazon by clicking below:

[thanks @screenrant!]

Sunday, April 10, 2011

SNL Highlight: "The Roosevelts" will shock you

With all the hoopla around Reelz Channel's The Kennedys, I'm so glad they did a sketch about it. Sadly, I feel like The Roosevelts could one day exist. Maybe not as extreme as having a black Teddy Roosevelt, but one that hints at Eleanor having a lesbian affair and controlling the presidency through extreme measures? We could see that within a few years if The Kennedy's ratings are good enough.
Watch the video after the break.

SNL Highlight: Helen Mirren's Magical Bosom

One of the more absurd sketches of the night, I just couldn't stop laughing at all the random images and sequences they had playing in Nasim's mind as she touched Helen Mirren. Topped off with David Grohl's appearance, this was one of my favorites of the night.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Linkulous: How ARTHUR has changed, TV Writers on Twitter, Almost Jay-Z and more

Jay-Z For A Day — How Tumblr Accidentally Turned NewTeeVee’s Ryan Lawler Into The Greatest Rapper Alive

Russell Brand's 'Arthur' remake: Just how much has changed in 30 years? BIG spoilers, so if you plan on actually seeing the movie, maybe hold off on this one.

A list of every TV Writer on Twitter

Meal Snap Photographs Your Food and Automatically Estimates the Calories You Ate - the future is here and it's telling us we're fat.

Five Myths about Pushing Social Media Marketing Content


The Vampire Diaries: Season 2 Episode 17 Recap

FINALLY this show is back! Last we saw Mystic Falls, Klaus was coming after Elena, Caroline told Matt the truth, and Isabelle came to see her daughter!

This week was full of double crosses on all sides of the line of good and evil. Moms were betraying daughters and friends were keeping secrets left and right!  Instead of doing a typical run through of the episode, let's go through the betrayals!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

America's Best Dance Crew Season 6: Lil' Wayne Challenge

This show is FINALLY back after a very long hiatus!!

They wasted no time this season with try-outs or getting to know the crews, it just opened straight into a brief recap of the show's previous winners (to the tune of "Written in the Stars" by Tinie Tempah) and then a sweet opening group number set to Lil' Wayne's "Six Foot Seven Foot."

This episode only features 5 of the 10 crews, but one crew will still be eliminated this week. We've got our regular judges, Lil Mama and JC Chasez, and now the third judge is Dominic Sandoval, from ABDC Season 3 winners QUEST and So You Think You Can Dance Season 3.

Crew: IaMmE
Lil Wayne Song: Ride Above It
Background: They focus on "The Brain Bang" which is doing moves that make you want to rewind it to get the moves and everything they're doing. You make recognize Philip Chbeeb from his time on So You Think You Can Dance Season 6, and if you follow him on twitter you've probably seen his videos with fellow crew member Marvelous Moon and Quest's Hok.
Routine: Overall they had a great routine that was full of intricate moves, and "rubik's cube" of tutting. All the judges were very impressed and thought it was a great opening to this season. JC only hopes they don't get stuck in that "brain bang" cluster in the middle and are open to trying new moves as the challenges change.

ABDC Season 6: First Group Performance

UPDATE: For my thoughts on the season premiere and the 5 crews that performed, read my recap here.

America's Best Dance Crew premieres tonight! In case you haven't noticed, I'm pretty excited for it. While we're still hours away from the hip hop dance awesomeness, you can already watch the first group dance number online! Watch the dance after the break.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When Harry Met Sally 2: Grampires!

WHEN HARRY MET SALLY is one of my absolute favorite Rom-Coms, so I was skeptical of how much I would enjoy it getting the Funny or Die treatment. However, this video is a hilarious look at the dangers of studio notes. While this is a bit outlandish, it's not so far out of the realm of believability. After TWILIGHT, I definitely could see an exec saying "yes, this is great, but let's make it supernatural!"

Watch the hilarious video, starring Rob Reiner, Helen Mirren, Billy Crystal, and Adam Scott after the break.

Sweet Minimalist Movie Posters by Viktor Hertz

Thrillist featured these minimalist posters yesterday, and they're pretty neat. I wanted to post my favorites, but it was so hard to choose, so you should really go check them all out. As soon as I'm financially able to, I'm going to start invest in some wall art for my place.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys collaborate on "Don't Turn Off the Lights"

Let's travel back to the 90s for a few minutes and revel in boy band awesomeness.

BRB, being 14 again.

[Ryan Seacrest]

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cee-Lo's Forget You performed on only iPad apps

Watch this awesome video of Starving Artistry cover Cee-Lo Green's Forget You using just the various keyboard style apps on the iPad. I love that he used the old-school Nintendo in place of Cee-Lo's voice, but he's supposed to be "more Atari"!

If you still don't have the original "Forget You", you can buy it off Amazon here:


SNL Highlight: Laser Cats The Musical

Tom Hanks should have just gotten co-hosting credits. He was in so many skits! Watch my favorite skit from Elton John/Tom Hank's show, Laser Cats The Musical:

Music Monday: I Don't Want to Care Right Now by Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco's new album had a hard journey to the stores. Lupe has come out and said that the lyrics are his, but the beats are the labels because he eventually just gave up on fighting for what he wanted to make. 3 years in the making and it was the hardest time of his life. I can definitely hear a difference between this and his older work, with many of the songs being much more radio friendly and sampling modern music hits.

While it's unforetunate that Lupe is so upset about this album, there are some great tracks on it. Listen to I Don't Want to Care Right Now after the break.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Lonely Island's "We're Back" Music Video

The Lonely Island's back with a new album Turtleneck & Chain, out May 10. It should include SNL highlights like "I Just Had Sex", "The Creep", and maybe even some Shy Ronnie. To make sure you know they're back with a vengeance to hit those fake rhymes hard, they've released "We're Back" music video. Watch it below:

My favorite song of their's lately is The Creep featuring Nicki Minaj. That girl can do no wrong.

[The Daily What]

Footage from WonderCon: THE GREEN LANTERN

The first trailer for THE GREEN LANTERN was pretty disappointing. With lackluster special effects and a focus on the humor, many fanboys were disappointed and unimpressed. At CinemaCon and WonderCon, Warner Bros. stepped it up a notch and showed four minutes of footage that blew the first trailer out of the water.

Watch the footage after the break.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Linkulous: The United States of Facebook, Source Code, and more

DARE: RUNWAY LOOKS IN REAL LIFE  - 9 women (myself included) were challenged to wear hairstyles and makeup from Fashion Week to work -- did they survive or get fired? Spoiler alert: I kind of failed.

TUMP [EP#80 - Best In Show]  - My very first podcast appearance! I talk about Rango, The Adjustment Bureau, and Best in Show.

(Data Visualization) The Mythical United States of Facebook - What's up with Washington?

Really? 22 Secrets HR Won’t Tell You About Getting a Job. WTF?! 

Top 13 Things To Do Before Initiating a Social Media Campaign – The Ultimate PR 2.0 Checklist


Why Book Trailers Are Now Essential to the Publishing Industry

AOL's Salute to TV's Butt-Kicking Women

I completely forgot that March was National Women's Month. Well, since I totally missed the ball on that one, here's a video of some of the most butt-kicking women in TV history. It covers everything from I Love Lucy, Buffy, Alias, and soap operas aplenty. Watch the video after the break!