Friday, May 14, 2010

Real Life Shark vs. Octopus Battle

As a huge fan of SyFy Original Movies (ah that b-movie goodness just can't be found in theaters anymore), this video proved it all worth it. Watch a real shark and octopus battle it out. Who will be the victor?!

[via @scifiwire]

Linkulous: Justin Bieber, Cold Stone's, and Dieting with the Web

Didn't get much reading done this week, between securing my new apartment, furniture shopping, and gearing up for Vegas. Plus, work picked up toward the end of the week. So, enjoy these few articles I enjoyed this week: 

How the Web is changing the way we eat

How the Internet Made Justin Bieber a Star

Cold Stone's Every Topping Under the Sun-dae Challenge 

Since I didn't get as much reading done this week, are there any articles that you read this week that are worth a mention? Post a link in the comments section! 

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Chuck will Return!

A lot of TV news has been happening lately (follow me on twitter @kristal_bailey for updates as I see them), but there's one that I had to highlight here.


NBC has picked it up for 13 more episodes, but not yet decided if it'll be in fall or a midseason. I'm so glad to see the show coming back! I knew NBC needed all the shows they could get after the Jay Leno fiasco, but they also had a lot of pilot options. I'll be posting more on the picked-up pilots later (when things aren't so hectic with moving and work).

I'm sure Josh Schwartz has a lot of ideas for season four, and I'm so excited to see the show continue further now that Chuck and Sarah are together and Casey and Morgan are growing as characters. However, should the fourth season be its last, I hope NBC can give them enough warning so they can finish it off right. Obviously, the goal is it for it to grow and succeed, but after three seasons and a post-Superbowl airing, it's still not a breakout smash. I've got to keep my expectations within reason, you know.

So what do you guys think of the news? What do you hope to see in Season 4? I only ask we get at least one more Jeffster rock performance!