Friday, August 7, 2009

Jeanine really is America's Favorite Dancer

Last night, Jeanine walked away with the title on So You Think You Can Dance. Not only does she get the bragging rights, she won $250,000. Now, you would think she would take the money and enjoy her victory, but Jeanine has really proved she deserved this victory.

As part of her prize package, Mason will collect $250,000 – which she plans to donate to the charity Making Memories which aids people with Altzheimer’s Disease, according to website Hollyscoop.
Found on So You Think You Can Dance Fever.

She won over many fans on the show, obviously enough to win it, but with this move she wins over the hearts of all those who were rooting for other dancers to win. It's great to see her being such a great role model in her new position as America's Favorite Dancer!

For more on Jeanine, check out her interviews here and here.

How are you job searching?

With the job market as it is, some people are going to
extreme and unusual lengths to get a job. There have
been stories of applicants putting magnets
on their cars directing people to check out their
website/resume, an applicant wearing a t-shirt with her
resume on the front and cover letter on the back,
and even one women took to wearing a sandwich board
of her credentials while walking around the busy streets
in her neighborhood.

Some of these worked, some of them didn't, but I feel
that's true of all job searches.

What is interesting is the start of some video resumes!
Maybe these are because of How I Met Your Mother's
episode that featured this:

Now, most professions don't require a video resume.
The only ones that come to mind are actors, news anchors,
and now I know Production Designers! Check out my
roommate's reel for an example.

Izzy Shu's Production Designer Reel:

Also, while he doesn't have a reel put together yet, you
can check out Kevin Taylor's News Stories here.

Once he gets his reel together I'm sure I'll be posting it here.

I think these video resumes/reels are way more entertaining
and engagingthan a paper resume, but they definitely don't
belong in all professions.


Happy Friday everyone! Here are some funny clips to help get you through the work day:

I know these are super old (in terms of internet videos anyway), but they still make me laugh! You gotta love it.