Friday, February 4, 2011

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Vampire Diaries: Season 2 Episode 13 Thoughts

I don't have time for the full recap, but here are some thoughts on tonight's awesome episode.

  • Damon trying to deal with being the "good guy" now, dealing with real emotions and caring about others - it's just so heartbreaking.
  • Who is the Brady character that Jules is kissing? She says Tyler can trust her, that she's there for him as a werewolf mentor of sorts, but it certainly looking like she has ulterior motives. 
  • Jeremy's back! I didn't even realize he was missing last week, woops. I hope he gets more to do in the coming episodes, he had barely one line this week!
  • Jenna certainly has some strange family ties with John and Alaric's deceased wife being Elena's birth parents. 
  • HOLY SHIT, POOR CAROLINE! After locking her in the cage, this Brady guy just shoots her again. And again! These wooden bullets are brutal. Then to top it off, his a squirt gun full of vervain spiked water that he used just for fun....The torture scenes were brutal, Candice Accola did a stellar job this week. 
  • The entire fight scene in the woods was just fantastic. Damon just RIPPED out a heart! Stefan was catching stakes out of the air. But then the tide turned and just when it seemed like they were doomed, the werewolves all suffered from crippling headaches that knocked them out cold. The new warlock in town was there, upholding Elijah's promise to keep Elena and her friends safe. 
  • That warlock is dam powerful. 
You need to stop doing that. 

Assuming I'll be the better man because it's YOU who's asking.  

  • Somehow John knows how to kill an Original. Isabelle was very thorough in her vampire research. Apparently, she's working on something that, should it work, the Originals will never set foot in Mystic Falls. 
  • The other wolves didn't know Mason was staying for the moonstone. But now that they've found out, you can be sure they'll be sticking around to pick up the search again. 
  • This week ended with another Damon confession. With the help of compulsion, he's able to confess his feelings to her, and then feed, once again leaving no witness to his moment of weakness. 
  • I hope whatever John is after comes to light soon, I need to know why he came back and why Stefan was supposed to bring back Isabelle.

Next week, the wolf/vamp battle continues as they start the search for the Moonstone.