Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV

What a great game! The Saints vs. Colts game was definitely the best superbowl I've ever seen. Not necessarily for the game play itself, but for the fact that I actually cared about the outcome and was pulling for a team. The city of New Orleans deserved this one and the better team won. But, I'll leave the sports talk to those more in the know than I (pst, have you checked out my boyfriend's sports/poker blog?).

Now, on to things I know more about - commercials! There were some really great ads, this year, but I'll just post my favorite one below:

I love how they were able to tell a whole story without any spoken words. Plus, the quietness of the commercial actually made more people pay attention, at least at the Super Bowl party I was at.

For more of the commercials you can check out Hulu's AdZone through this widget:

I hope you all enjoyed the game!