Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Vampire Diaries: Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Last week I felt the gaping hole on Thursday night where The Vampire Diaries normally is. I'm so glad it's back! I don't know how I'm going to cope once winter hiatus kicks in.

We open with Stefan and Elena being the romantic cute couple juxtaposed with Mason and Katherine in similar exploits. A kiss here, banter there, "I love you"s, and an exchange of blood to boot! Are we supposed to think they're as much in love as Stefan and Elena?
"Don't you trust me?"
"I don't trust anyone."
Jeremy is back this week, working with Damon to bring down Mason. I still don't understand how they're buds now after Damon literally KILLED him. But boys will be boys and a common enemy brings them together. I guess that is enough for some people.

Bonnie seems to be the odd woman out now that Caroline has joined the vampire ranks. She refuses to see her as a friend in her undead state and that means she only has Elena left. And with a vampire boyfriend, helping out Caroline, it's obvious where her allies lie. Can they remain best friends with all this going on? She didn't even know about Stefan and Elena's fake fighting...

Caroline's mother only sees the vampires in black and white. She was raised by the founding fathers' lore where there is no room for grey. And while she ignores Caroline at first, once hearing that she did technically have to die to become a vampire, her motherly instinct kicks in. They start talking and it's a nice mother/daughter chat that we've never seen between them before.

When Mason sees Stefan at the event, he knows his evil plan to take out the Salvatore brothers went awry. As Mason leaves, Bonnie bumps into him and has a vision. New power alert! She saw him kissing Katherine! We knew this already, but now Stefan is fully in the loop.

Jeremy's totally misplacing his anger on Elena. He should be mad at Damon! The man who tried to kill him! But he blames her for everything that's happened to him. I just don't get teenage boys.
"He's playing Indiana Jones! He involved himself."
The moonstone may hold the key to undoing the werewolf curse. Jeremy tried to get the Moonstone from Tyler, but as we saw two weeks ago, he already handed it over to Mason and therefore Katherine. So the only thing to do is get it from Mason. They successfully recruit Bonnie to do her magic headache thing, which it turns out is giving them many aneurisms over and over again. She's still staunchly against vampires, but Elena's safety could be in danger with a werewolf on the loose so he must be stopped.

While Damon readies the torturing space, Bonnie invades Mason's mind and finds out the hidden in a well. Not too specific, but helpful enough once Caroline knew the well was on the old Lockwood property.

Matt still cares for Caroline. While I love new vampire Caroline, I do miss how cute they were when they were dating. Maybe once she gets her blood lust under control, they can get back together?

Stefan goes to the well only to be met by Elena who had to check out the action too. They're really bad at pretending to not be together this episode - lots of calls and public interaction. Stefan jumps down only to jump straight into Vervain infused water! Caroline hears her shrieks and comes running. She helps Elena down using the old chain for the bucket. Caroline and Bonnie pull Stefan up and wow, he is MESSED UP from his time down there. It reminds me of a PG version of when Bill on True Blood ran out into the sun to save Sookie.

Elena stays down to search for the stone and apparently there were snakes down there too! She finds a box that likely holds the stone and quickly gets pulled to the surface. Elena is fine, but Stefan definitely did not heal quickly enough. She gives him more of her blood and Bonnie if visibily disgusted.

Jeremy so wants to team up with Damon and help out. He goes into research mode and finds out that Wolfsbane works for werewolves the same way that vervain does for vampires. While Jeremy is eager to help, it doesn't look like he can stomach the violence.

Apparently Mason wants to overturn the curse not for himself, but for his nephew Tyler. Well, and a little for himself so he won't have to turn anymore and can be with his vampire love, Katherine. He obviously loves her, but I wonder what she really wanted out of this relationship. Damon knows what's really going to happen: she's using him and will just rip his heart out once she's gotten what she wants. So he saves her the trouble and RIPS OUT MASON'S HEART. My roommate and I literally sat in shock for a bit after that. I definitely did not expect him to kill him so soon!

Caroline's mom is finally seeing her as a human. It only took her becoming a vampire to get it! She tries to convince Caroline not to compel her; they're finally connecting and she wouldn't do anything to hurt her. But, Caroline knows that wouldn't work. She may trust her, but she'll never trust the others. She compels her so their relationship goes back to normal - apathy, strained mother/daughter talks, etc.

Alaric and Jenna are reuniting with a romantic dinner, when Elena gets a phone call from none other Katherine. Apparently, she's been using and compelling Jenna for days - getting the inside scoop on their lives, removing the vervain from their house, and planting thoughts of suicide. Then, Jenna just stops cutting the garlic bread and STABS HERSELF! Sorry for the excessive use of capslock, but really this episode deserves it.

Luckily, she missed major arteries and organs but Jeremy is going to make Katherine pay. And after teaming up with Damon, I actually kind of believe him. Elena knows what she has to do - she can't be with Stefan with so many lives on the line.

Katherine just won that round. But her plan, whatever it is, just hit a big snag when she lost her werewolf. The episode ends with her compelling Matt to go after Tyler until someone, MATT, ends up dead. I hope he doesn't die! Granted, he hasn't had much to do since breaking up with Caroline, but I like him and want him to stick around! As one of the few humans in the dark, I feel like he provides a bit of balance to all the supernatural going on.

Tune in next week for this madness:

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