Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Improv Everywhere Strikes Again!

Improv Everywhere hit the streets with their latest show: Grocery Store Musical! Check it out:

You might not be familar with the name, but I'm sure you've seen their previous work.

Food Court Musical:

Grand Central Station:

The Grand Central is my favorite. I honestly don't know how I'd react if everyone just froze around me in a public space. It'd be so weird!

More Vampire Diaries

I'm a sucker for most vampire teen dramas (see Buffy, Angel, Twilight, True Blood), so I'm really happy with the news that The Vampire Diaries is getting a full season! The show is totally my guilty pleasure. It's got a great villian in Ian Somerhaulder's Damon - he's just having a ball being evil and it makes it that much fun to watch him.

I'm not saying the show is up to the level of Buffy, Angel, or True Blood, but it is an entertaining show to help ease the wait between New Moon and True Blood Season 3.

While the show isn't drawing in the same amount of viewers as current TV hits like Grey's Anatomy and NCIS, it is a bonafide hit for the little network that could, The CW. Just last week, it brought in 3.8 million viewers. Pretty solid considering the network's staple show, Gossip Girl only had 1.9 million viewers this week. Interesting that Gossip Girl is their tentpole, and inspiration for starting shows like 90210 and Melrose Place back up again, when it's not even their most watched show. America's Next Top Model, which is in its billionth cycle, had 3.1 million viewers this week.

The CW really cashed in on the vampire craze with this one. It's an entertaining, guilty pleasure show that airs just at the right time - when True Blood isn't. It gives us all us junkies something to chew on while we wait for our other vampire franchises to come back.

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