Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Vampire Diaries: Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Last week, Caroline was murdered by Katherine, but with Damon's blood in her system, she quickly woke up. She woke up hungry. With no one around, she quickly finds some spare blood and begins feeding. Her transformation is complete; and that's before the opening credits even roll!

Caroline is dealing with her transformation all alone. She shuns Matt because he gets to close and lets in the sunlight. Then, when the nurse overhears her shrieks over her fangs, she manages to glamor her and feed off her. She even manages her to sign off on her early release from the hospital, so she doesn't have to be discharged in the morning in the light of day.

This week, Elena is set on forgetting Damon in order to have a normal high school moment at the Carnival. No talk about Damon or what he did or what he could do, she just wants a kiss at the top of the ferris wheel. But of course, what would this episode be if that wish came true. Damon invades the carnival with news of Caroline's vampirism and his theories on Tyler.

Caroline is turning out to be a great vampire! She figured everything out herself, stood up to Damon, and looked damn good doing it. She just needs to get her hunger under control or else she could feed off her super cute boyfriend Matt.

We're also learning more about the werewolf life along with Tyler. His athleticism and rage all stem from it. His uncle has been able to control it with some new age stuff like surfing, yoga, martial arts, etc. But Tyler may have a secret weapon - Moon Stone. Not sure what exactly it is capable of, but if his uncle wanted it then it must be important.

Elena and Stefan prevent Damon from killing Caroline, from repeating the tale of Vicky Donovan. Bonnie sees Caroline with her face covered in blood and instantly knows the truth. She sees everything in black and white. Everything is Damon's fault so he must be dealt with. Witchcraft ensues and he's lit on fire despite Elena's protests. Luckily, Elena breaks her concentration so Damon can escape relatively unscathed. I don't know how Bonnie is going to deal with this. First her grandmother, then Elena refuses to realize how dangerous Stefan and Damon are, and therefore drifts further away from her, and now she loses the only other close friend she has.

Also, while all this was going on, Jeremy was dealing with the fact that Damon killed him. He got some vampire murder tips from Stefan and even got into the Salvatore house to spike his drink with vervaine. He had the opportunity, but didn't take it. Instead, he confessed his plan and they talked about their fathers. Um....sure?

The episode ended just where Elena wished it would  - her and Stefan, kissing at the top of the ferris wheel. Cute!

Tonight was a great episode, made so thanks to a stellar performance from Caroline. What did you guys think?

Next week it looks like we finally get more forward movement on the whole werewolf thing.

Chuck: Season 4 Preview

We're less than a week away from the premiere of Chuck's 4th season. I'm so excited! This, in all likelihood, will be it's last so I intend on loving every minute of it. With the quest for mom, the new Buy More, and the potential for double or triple cross spy missions, it's definitely going to keep the audience on our toes.

Chuck premieres on NBC this Monday, September 20 at 8pm EST/PST.

The Tourist: First Trailer

While spy movies keep coming out of the woodwork (Salt, Mission: Impossible 4, etc), I still want to see this movie. With Johnny Depp being a fish out of water, tourist swept into the espionage game, and Angelina Jolie playing the sexy spy role that she knows so well, I'm definitely intrigued. The cast makes this seemingly run-of-the-mill film stand out.

Will you be checking this out come December 10?

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Premieres Tonight!

Enjoy the auto-tuned trailer for tonight's episode and the rest of Season 6. This show has definitely grown on me over the course of the last couple seasons. Initially I only watched it because my boyfriend is a big fan and I couldn't escape it, but it definitely makes me laugh and I can't believe the ridiculous stuff they do to each other and still call each other friends. I've heard it described as the anti-FRIENDS and I completely agree. This group of people are among the worst in terms of morals, intelligence, and respect, yet I love watching them week in and week out.

If the episode we watched during Comic-Con is any indication, this is going to be a fantastic season. 

Tune in to FX tonight at 10pm for the season premiere.