Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vampire Diaries: Season 2 Episode 14 Thoughts

Man, I am really slacking on these Vampire Diaries recaps lately. Sorry, but Thursdays have been busy lately!

While most fans have seen the episode ready and had a few days to digest what happened, I just have a couple things to add to the conversation.

I am tired of Elena's quest to be a martyr and it looks like Stefan is finally picking up on her death wish. While Elijah promised to protect her friends, he made no such promise about her and she knew it. She was willing to die as long as everyone else is okay, and while that's noble in thought, it's a pretty stupid strategy to go with right off the bat. She hasn't even tried to get out of being a sacrifice! Good martyr's don't just lie down and die, they fight for their lives and what they believe in.

The Tyler/Caroline story seems to have run its course and I'm actually really happy with the resolution. She was there to help him through, but I still love the idea of Matt/Caroline. They were cute together before, and I think she needs a normal guy while she is still new to this whole vampire thing. I do love Vlada's (@stayingin) observation that Caroline/Stefan will be the couple in the end after everyone is dead, but for now she'll make things work with Matt and he'll have Elena. I'm surprised Tyler opted to leave with Jules, but with Caroline refusing to talk to him he really didn't have a choice. I hope he and the werewolves come back, because this war is far from over.

I'm 100% on board with Jeremy/Bonnie now. If you read my reviews from earlier episodes, you know how torn I was on Bonnie/Jeremy when their feelings first started. I mean, that's Bonnie's best friend's YOUNGER BROTHER. As an older sister, I know how I would feel if my friend's started being interested in my brother, and I just wasn't feeling them. But the more they've been there for each other through these trials and dangerous situations, the more I've believed their chemistry. And while Jeremy is the younger brother, there really isn't much of an age difference. He's grown up a lot since the beginning of the show, and I definitely think he's a better match for her than the new warlock in town. When they finally kissed at the episode's end, I was surprised by how much I was actually rooting for it to happen.

Overall, this was a strong episode that the past few have been leading to. I'm interested to see where things go from her with the werewolves out of the picture for now, but with Elijah very much further cemented in their lives.