Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oscar the Grouch Picks the Oscars

With the Oscars tomorrow, everyone's getting their predictions in while they can. I know I put my picks in over in the Outguess Ebert Contest on Mubi.

Even the Seasame Street team is getting in on it, watch Oscar the Grouch make his Oscar predictions below:


Ke$ha's "Blow" Music Video with James Van Der Memes

This music video is all kinds of awesome ridiculousness with James Van Der Beek, unicorn people, and rainbow laser guns. Yeah, take a second to reread that. JUST WATCH:

If you're wondering where the heck James Van Der Beek has been, he's been keeping busy between TV guest spots on shows (like How I Met Your Mother) by creating a slew of viral memes at and working with Funny or Die on some hilarious videos like DILF Khakis:

He's been making a splash on twitter (@vanderjames) and even took over the @funnyordie feed for a while. He's really got the viral internet thing on lock, which I guess explains how the Ke$ha video happened. Why else would he be there?

For more insight into his role and just how he got to this place in his career, check out this interview he did with EW's Popwatch blog.

[Jaw Wired Shut]