Friday, March 25, 2011

Linkulous: Rebecca Black, Paul Feig, Adulthood, New Words, and more

It's time for your weekly roundup of interest articles! Happy Friday everyone!

Not *That* Fun: Rebecca Black Gets Played Just 12 Times on Radio - Well, at least there's that.

THE MOST DEPRESSING ARTICLE EVER - Yup, adulthood can be pretty terrible sometimes.

Paul Feig-directed Ford viral ads hit - this is the freelance project I've been working on this week. I'm promoting this video online, have you seen it yet?

LivingSocial Says It Will Overtake Groupon in January 2012 - I like LivingSocial more already, so I'm hoping this will play out.

OMG, Oxford English Dictionary Added New Words - OMG, I <3 this, LOL. Also noteworthy, "Banh Mi" is now in the dictionary too. Mmm Vietnamese food.

Your Twitter Connections Say More Than You Think [Study]

USC's Neon Tommy draws a larger audience than any other Web-only college news site - Damn, it's good to be a Trojan. :)

89% of People Who Bought Groupon Movie Deal Would Not Have Seen THE LINCOLN LAWYER Otherwise  - Given its success, you can expect more initiatives like this will spring up for flicks.

Did you read any interesting articles this week? Feel free to share them in the comments!