Friday, November 6, 2009

Caprica: The BSG Prequel

I wasn't too impressed by Syfy deciding to make a BSG prequel. I loved BSG, even with its lackluster ending. But spin-offs, prequels, and sequels are hit or miss. You run the risk of tainting the greatness of the original by piling on new storylines that we never really wanted to hear. But, that being said, this trailer does make me want to tune in to the new series. Plus, it's got James Marsters playing the bad guy, which he does so well (see: Buffy). Will you guys be checking it out?

Mad Men

In honor of the finale this weekend, here are a few great Mad Men parodies for you:

Mad Men in 60 Seconds (my favorite)

Milk Men - A Mad Men Parody
Milk Men

And I can't embed it, but The Simpson's Intro parody is awesome.

Are you guys going to watch the finale? I'm so hooked on this show! It's all in the details: the beautiful, authentic look of it, the small moments between the characters, everything. Love it!

[found via Popwatch]


I love this music video. I think this style of filming is so interesting and unique. Plus, the song is pretty good too.

[found via Jordan]