Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Fall 2010 Television Schedule

I posted all the premiere dates for this fall tv season earlier. Now, I finally have to pick and chose what I'll actually be able to watch. Luckily, I have a DVR so I can watch one thing while recording another, but this season there are a couple timeslots where even that isn't enough!

8:00pm: Dancing With the Stars vs. Chuck. vs. How I Met Your Mother

Unfortunately, I don't have much say in this one since I'll be covering DWTS for my internship with I'll be watching DWTS live so I can get my recap up ASAP. I'll then be DVR-ing Chuck to watch once that write up is done, leaving HIMYM to be viewed online the next day. It was a tough choice on which show to watch recorded, since I adore Chuck and HIMYM. But after last season's lackluster HIMYM, I'm only hanging around at all because of my hope it'll get better. There's been a lot of hype about the new season - that they're finally moving forward with the mother, getting back to their roots of what made it funny - so I'm hoping this year it's back to the level of the earlier seasons.

9:00pm: Dancing With the Stars vs. Lone Star

Again, I'll be watching DWTS live. I wasn't going to give Lone Star a chance based off it's premise and marketing, but the critics have claimed it the best new show of the season so now I have to give it a shot to win me over.

8:00pm: No Ordinary Family vs. Glee

The new show I'm most excited for is going up against one of my favorite new shows from last season. However, Glee's back nine episodes never lived up to its first 13. They became overcrowded with songs and secondary characters, while the storylines became less authentic (Sue's crush on Will?!). I'll give Glee another chance by watching it live and recording NOF, but that may change as the season progresses.

8:00pm: America's Next Top Model vs. Undercovers vs. Better With You

A J.J. Abrahms spy show seems like a no brainer, but the critical buzz has been fizzling as more screeners went out. It seems it's more style than substance. Plus, I'm not sure if I need another spy show with Chuck and now Nikita on my plate. I'll be watching ANTM live with my roomie and giving Undercovers a probationary recording setting. I enjoyed the promos for Better With You, so I'll give that a shot on hulu later in the week.

9:00pm: Modern Family/Cougar Town

No doubt about it, this is one of the funniest hours on television! Cougar Town grew one heck of a show and Modern Family is fresh off it's Best Comedy Emmy win.

8:00pm: Big Bang Theory/S*%t My Dad Says vs. Bones vs. The Vampire Diaries

I just got into Bones this summer, and of course that's when they decide to pit it against two of my favorite shows. I love The Vampire Diaries way too much to push it aside, even though it probably is the most embarrassing of my viewing habits (along with ANTM). I'll be watching TVD live (and recapping it for this blog!), recording BBT/SMDS, and catching Bones online later in the week. I would rather watch Bones on TV, but because The Big Bang Theory is rarely available in full online, I'm forced to watch it over Bones.

9:00pm: Nikita vs. The Office

I wasn't planning on watching Nikita, but because it started a couple weeks earlier than the rest of the season I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did! With fantastic performances from Shane West and Maggie Q, it has romance, espionage, fighting, and gunplay - all things I love. The Office has been dwindling these past couple seasons, so I will be watching Nikita live and recording The Office to watch later. It's now long Must See TV. I'm hoping that after Michael Scott leaves, it ends but I'm sure they'll continue for as long as the ratings/advertising money is there.


As usual, Friday is a wasteland. I'll be watching my recordings or shows online before enjoying my Friday nights.

9:00pm: Family Guy

I'll be watching Family Guy yet again. Not because I still love the show, but because it's the only thing on Sunday nights once Mad Men ends.

It looks like I've got a busy TV schedule ahead of me this season! I'll be recapping DWTS (on and TVD (on this blog). What will you be watching this season?