Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Return of the (good) X-Men?

Rumors are flying that Bryan Singer could be in to direct a 4th X-Men movie. This wouldn't be another spin-off like Wolverine or Magneato, this would feature the whole gang kicking butt and taking names as a crew. Not much has been said, so there aren't any details about it, but just the fact that Bryan Singer could come back to the franchise is enough to make me happy! The first two X-Men movies are among my favorites in the genre. X2 just may be my favorite of them all! Also, with X-Men 3 and Superman Returns both being critical duds, I'm hoping that this will be a return to form for the franchise and Singer. Hopefully things move forward and we see this develop into more than just talk soon!

[Found on Sci Fi Wire]