Monday, July 11, 2011

Reminder: Eureka and Alphas Premiere Tonight on Syfy!

I haven't had much time to talk about the new summer TV shows I'm excited about, but the premieres are already here! Eureka returns tonight at 8pm with season 4.5, which will include a guest arc from geek queen Felicia Day. It'll be followed later by the series premiere of Alphas. Don't know what Alphas is all about?

Check the official synposis from

Music Monday: (Today I Met) The Boy I'm Going to Marry by Darlene Young

So this weekend I tried on wedding dresses!! In honor of all the wedding stuff going on, I figured it'd be a good time for this golden oldie by Darlene Young. I remember listening to this on K-Earth 101 as a kid and it would get stuck in my head for days. It was also perfectly used in FATHER OF THE BRIDE, a movie I have to watch if it comes on TV.

Catch the song after the break!