Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tetris Dress

I love this dress! It's so cute, while still being geeky. It's geek-chic! Check out more pictures by the creator at her website HERE

Glee Fandomonium

Last night's Glee was a great episode, featuring some very memorable moments like Sue and Will's swing dancing, The Thong Song, and the beginning and end of Rack (Rachel/Puck!). My favorite moments of the hour definitely belong to Puck's version of "Sweet Caroline". His solo just solidified to me that Finn's voice may be my least favorite of the guys. I loved Artie's verse in the "It's My Life/Confessions" mash-up, and now Puck's here. Check it out:

And the reveal that Emma CAN sing! and dance! I love her joy in her song "I Could Have Danced All Night":

More news that'll make Glee fans happy:

Also, it looks like it's fandom is picking up. Check out this fanmade video showcasing a Puckurt (Puck/Kurt) relationship:

The Prisoner

Wow, I did not think this would be on TV. The production and star quality is just more than usual made-for-TV events. Leave it to AMC to raise the bar, yet again.