Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Creative marketing, butt...

This new spot was released to promote these new ultra slim notebooks. It seems like a home movie, but make no doubt about it, these were created as part of the company's marketing campaign. It's an usual spot, but I think it's actually really smart marketing. This video is popping up all over the blogosphere and has people talking. It was added only yesterday and already has over 200,000 views! I'd say it's approaching viral smash territory. And if this gets even just a fraction of the viewers to question what type of computer they're throwing and look into it, then it's a success.

What do you guys think of the ad? Too weird? Or just weird enough to start the buzz?

You could be a jetsetter!

At least, for one month. Jet Blue just introduced this deal for September 8 - October 8, where if you buy their All - You - Can - Jet Deal and fly anywhere in the US, from anywhere in the US, as much as you want between these dates. Let me tell you, if I wasn't employed and digging my job, I'd snap one of these up in a heartbeat! You can see pretty much all of America with this baby. For more information, check out the site at Jet Blue.