Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sweet Quest

Here's a great cake that was made for Quest Dance Crew from ABDC. I love the lettering! A great cake for a great group of guys.

Not The Blob!

Rob Zombie has set his sights on The Blob - a B-movie classic! Now, if I could make any movie, it would be a sequel to the original Blob (1958). I love the original so much and haven't really felt that for any of the sequels or remakes that have come since. Now, Rob Zombie wants to try his hand at it. But, get this, he doesn't want there to be an actual blob! How do you have The Blob without a blobby alien creature?!

For more on the project, check out the article on Zap2it.

Do you think there's any chance of this being good? Have you seen The Blob?