Monday, February 15, 2010

The Venice (CA) Canals

This weekend was gorgeous! KT and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went to explore Venice Beach and the Venice Canals. Despite being in LA since I was 4, I had never been to the canals. They were so beautiful and peaceful! It's only a matter of blocks, but its a whole world away from the Venice Boardwalk that thrives with personality and street performers.

There were cute ducks everywhere!

Weekend Movies

Happy Presidents Day! I hope you all are enjoying your day off work (if you have the day off like me). For Valentine's, KT and I saw Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightening Thief and The Wolfman. Below are my thoughts on the films.

The Wolfman
This movie has been sitting on the shelf for almost 2 years. They showed some footage of it way back at Comic Con 2008. Back then, I wasn't too impressed with it and had no desire to see it. But then when it came out, it looked like it had been improved during its post-production limbo. I should have known better. This is a B-Movie with far too much money. It had some great effects, but the story and acting was bland. Rating: Skip it.

Percy Jackson & The Olympans: The Lightening Thief
I hadn't read the book, but had heard great things from my roommate. I really enjoyed this! I'm glad they aged Percy - in the book he's 12, but in the movie he's 16-ish. The action would have felt like too much with a 12 year old at its center. The adventure to find the pearls was exciting and I couldn't see what villain/mythological creature would show up next. While the 3 kids at the center of this film are unknowns, there's some big star power with Pierce Brosnon, Sean Bean, Uma Therman, and Daniel McKidd. I wish there had been more with Poseidon,

Both of the movies had a small success this weekend at the box office, but I hope Percy Jackson can pull in more money. I would totally watch the next chapter in this franchise. I hope it doesn't become an aborted franchise a la The Golden Compass: