Friday, June 11, 2010

Linkulous: TV's Anti-Mom, LA Food Trucks, World of Warcraft, and more

The rise of TV's 'Anti-Mom'

Do You Suffer from Sexsomnia? You're not alone. 

Fox Sells 80% of Super Bowl - It's Only June, but Marketer Interest Is Spurring Unusual Ad-Sales Pace for Big Game.

12-year-old uses World of Warcraft skills to save his sister from moose attack

Food Trucks & Other Mobile Eateries that Twitter - comprehensive list of all the LA gourmet food trucks.

TV Viewers Watch Different Shows Online

'Glee' sings to a forgotten generation - Journey, Young MC and Cyndi Lauper. The show grooves to the '80s while turning stereotypes on their head. Finally, the music of tail-end boomers is heard.

Glee Shows Dangerous Signs of Ryan Murphy Syndrome - I've been worried since the back 9 started to falter.