Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hi, I'm a DC...and I'm a Marvel: The Musical

I think this sums up the comic book movie war quite nicely.

(GUEST POST) Justin Bieber's Hidden Beauty

As far as young adult pop culture goes, I'm pretty out of the loop. I had no idea what Hannah Montana looked like until I was on a 13 hour flight last year and was forced to watch her movie on loop. I also do not know much about Justin Bieber, I only know that he may be a lesbian and he (she?) has the same hair cut as my roommate. Recently, my J.B. haired roommate shared this internet gem with me and I have to admit, my view on the Bieb has changed because of it.

Gawker slowed down Bieb's single, "U Smile" by 800% and they made his poppy beat an Enya meets Deerhunter 36 minute odyssey of pure beauty. You can listen to it here:

Please note, Bieb sped up by 800% was found to be terrifying by Gawker, and I will openly admit that I agree.