Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lost: Started Exactly How It Ended

It's a visual palindrome!

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My Blog Posts Elsewhere

In addition to this blog, I've had a couple other blog posts go up around the net. Check them out!

Exclusive Interview with RealityWanted Member and VH1's Tough Love Star Courtney McElwee
I chatted with Courtney about her time on Tough Love: Couples and how she used RealityWanted.com to get on the show.

Happy Birthday, LinkedIn!
My thoughts on how to use LinkedIn and your online image to help you stand out from the other job applicants. Even if you're not in PR, it helps to think like a PR person when you're selling yourself to potential employers. 

Welcome to the Real World
What I've learned during my first job that college couldn't/didn't teach me. 

I'm trying to write more for Reality Wanted and other entertainment focused blogs, so keep an eye out! And if you hear of any opportunities, please keep me in mind.

So You Think You Can Dance: Season 7!

Season 7 of my favorite reality show is about to kick off! Check out this great fanmade montage to highlight the All-Stars:

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If you're wondering about the All-Stars, well this season has a lot of changes in store. Instead of the usual top 20 contestants who partner up and tackle the show together, Nigel and co. decided to bring back 12 of the top contestants from seasons past to partner with the Top 10 this year. Keep reading to find out all the changes this season:
  • Mary Murphy will no longer be a permanent judge. She's going to be doing choreography and will guest judge a few weeks. 
  • Mia Michaels is back! She'll be the new permanent judge but will also choreograph a few routines. My guess is the weeks she choreographs will be the weeks Mary guest judges so she's not judging her own material. 
  • Instead of Top 20, there's only a Top 10. This makes it harder than ever to get on the show, so it will definitely be the cream of the crop. I only hope some street/hip hop dancers can make it through. 
  • Each week the Top 10 will pick their dance style/all star, therefore there will be no more consistent pairings. This could be good for those that might have been stuck with a bad pairing, but I think it will definitely hurt the chemistry, especially during the more emotional routines. 
  • This year they went to the top potential contestants home to to tell them whether they made it to the Top 10 or not. Talk about an emotional punch! 
While all these changes aren't going to change what I love most about the show - the dancing - I am worried that it'll change the show too much from the one I fell in love with. My main concern is the reduction to just the Top 10. If there had only been 10 contestants for the previous seasons, my favorite dancers, and some of the eventual winners, would never have made it on to the show. Twitch, Josh, Legacy were all bubble decisions. I feel like this will hurt the hip hop community the most, since they are often the ones with the least training. If the top 10 is all contemporary/jazz, it will make for some very boring solos. I hope Nigel has already thought of some way to combat this, because I desperately want to love this new season.