Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fox's Fall 2011 TV Premiere Schedule: The New Girl gets prime real estate

Fox just announced their fall schedule and I'm really looking forward to their new shows. Last season all the networks had nearly all of their shows debuting within a single week, and I think Fox suffered the most because of that. With Lone Star failing after just two airings, they've learned and have spaced out the debuts so they aren't flooding the audience.

Their new shows that I'm most looking forward to are The New Girl and Terra Nova. The New Girl gets the sweet time slot of being right after Glee, and I think that's going to be a good match given the young, female skewing audience. Also, as Glee's one of their biggest hits, it shows they've got faith in The New Girl to retain and entertain that audience.

It's an interesting choice to have Terra Nova at the 8pm slot. With new shows, I feel it's always better for them to have a strong lead in show, rather than a lead out show. An 8pm slot means people have to seek out Terra Nova specifically in order to catch it. This show is their biggest new show, so I'm sure they'll be doing some big marketing push for it. They're already playing a ton of TV spots for it and since this was supposed to air last fall, critics have been curious about the show for a while. Let's hope that the extra time they took for special effects was enough and that it has a strong story in place. I'll guess we'll find out on Sept 26!

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