Wednesday, July 28, 2010

(GUEST POST) Just One More Mel Gibson Joke

By Karlee Johnson (@KarleeJohnson)

Good evening to you, one and all! I'll be one of Kristal's minions keeping an eye on things while she's away. For tonight's entertainment, I thought I'd share a video I came across on the interwebs. I was, like many people, ready to let go of the frightening but highly amusing Mel Gibson telephone recordings. This video was far too good to pass up though.

Riding Along in my Automobile

I've mentioned here before about my recent unemployment. Well, since the boyfriend and I are unemployed at the same time, we've decided to take a little vacation and road trip across America! For a month! This song will be our personal theme song:

Rest assured, there will still be posts going up here, since I recruited a few of my smart, pop culture oriented friends to take the reigns in my absence. They'll be keeping the Music Mondays alive, and maybe even the So You Think You Can Dance stuff. If I find myself with heaps of downtime on the road, who knows, maybe I'll post something too.

Interested in hearing more about my road trip? Well, of course we're blogging it! You can follow along, send us recommendations and local information, or anything else you can think of at our Road Trip Blog - KT & Kristal Do America! at Also be sure to follow me on twitter at @kristal_bailey. The boyfriend is on twitter too at @tayke2. We'll be needing all the help we can get about local cuisine and highlights.

In the mean time, keep checking here for all the interesting things my friends will post!