Thursday, March 25, 2010

ABDC: Illusion Challenge

Tonight the crews have to include a magical illusion into their routine. This was such a strong performance week the last time it was brought out, in season 4. The Beat Freaks and Quest Crew's illusion routines are among my favorites from the entire run of the show. It will be a lot to live up to! 

Top 4 performance
I wish they would start the group performance at least one week early. They always stretch those pauses just a little too long to fill time, so you know they could fit it in!

I loved the use of the entrance way to the stage. The crews left are all really strong and no one crew really stood out for me during the group performance. I felt like Lil Mama got too much attention during the routine, it's about the crews, not the judges! I loved Mario Lopez's entrance though.

Wow, Hype 5-0 is safe again! America just cannot get behind a Canadian crew. This is the challenge

Hype 5-0
Challenge: Make an object come alive
Morning After Dark by Timbaland
The ticking portion was great, and they had some really good formations. However, the illusion really slowed down the whole thing and it wasn't as impressive as I was expecting. The over/under on the cane was the best part in their illusion, and JC just shat on it. Omarion and JC's criticism were harsher than were deserved, but I don't think America is listening to them. Hype 5-0 has been riding strong in the votes lately and we'll see if their fans will carry them through again.

Challenge: Move an object with their minds
Right Hand High by Kid Sister
I still love their humor! The part with the giggle killed me. I loved that they did more than just isolations and popping in their routine. The moving of the object reminded of Beat Freaks' illusion routine from Season 4.  The ending was a strong moment that will be remembered because it was so fun and used their challenge well.

Blue Print Cru
Challenge: Have a crew member levitate
Funhouse by Pink
They always incorporate the themes so well in to every routine. I loved that entire performance and how they made it seem like a twisted magic show. I loved the slide underneath her as she levitated! I also loved the visual of the guy doing a back flip in front while a guy behind simultaneously did the splits.

Jungle Boogie
Challenge: Pass your body through a solid object
Da Da Da by Lil Wayne
Whoa, the twins auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance in Seasons 4 and 5! That's where I have seen them before. Unlike Omarion, I liked the opening with the mirror and the twins. I agree with JC, they "tore up the stage!" I just may have liked the routines by the bottom two the best from the night.

YES BLUE PRINT CRU IS STAYING! I warmed up to Jungle Boogie these past couple weeks, but Blue Print has been killing every challenge since the beginning. While America may not be behind them, I am and it's obvious that the judges are as well.

I think Poreotix is going to get the most votes, leaving it to the judges to pick between Hype 5-0 and Blue Print Cru. And well, it's pretty obvious from the judges comments week in, week out that Hype 5-0 would be one to go home.   And with BPC and Poreotix left for the voters to decide, Poreotix would take it home. Thus ending the streak of the #1 vote getter in the penultimate episode losing in the finale.

However, the only thing that could throw a wrench into this playing out is if Hype 5-0 gets the most votes this week. Then it will be between Poreotix and BPC for the judges to decide and I think they would go with BPC again here. They complain about Poreotix's choreography being too simple, which is definitely not the case for BPC. Then with a finale of Hype 5-0 and Blue Print Cru, its more of a toss up because the Poreotix fans could rally behind BPC after their outing.

Also, just want to take a second to gloat and point out that my prediction from the very beginning has just come true! Final Three Crews:

Hype 5-0
Blue Print Cru

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Lost Spin-Off: Ford & Straume

[via LOSTies]

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This is Michael Cera being his usual self, that I'm kind of getting bored with, but the idea and execution look great!

Have any of you read the graphic novels on which these are based? I'm interested in checking them out after this trailer.

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