Thursday, June 24, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 10 Results

It's time to narrow the field once more and reduce our Top Ten to Top Nine. 

Top 10 Opening Performance
Crookers by Hold Up Your Hand featuring Roisin Murphy
Choreographed by Sonya Tayeh
Robert was highlighted a lot during the routine, and for good reason he was fantastic.

Adechike was safe again this week, thus proving that I have no idea what America likes. I pegged him as the one to go home these first two weeks and he hasn't even been in the bottom three.

With Melinda and Christina in the bottom again, despite great performances last night, I just don't know what they can do to get in America's favor over the other dancers.

And while Billy had the worst performance of the night, he still remained safe because he is such a fan favorite. With only Top 10, it feels more like a popularity contest than previous seasons.

Guest Performer: Brian Gayner and Remote Control
Agnus Dei by Eskmo
Brian auditioned this season, but due to his spinal injury he wouldn't be able to partner well during the competition. However, he and his dance crew were asked to perform. I'm so glad they 
That was amazing! The amount of control they have over their bodies is just insane.

I don't have video of their performance from today, but check out this recording from a previous performance of theirs:

Christina: Quimbara by Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco
Melinda: Heels by Q-Tip
Robert: Everywhere I go by Lissie

Guest Performer: Debbie Nova performing Drummer Boy
It's great to see the All Stars dancing during her performance. It definitely makes me care more about it than if it was just her tour dancers. I had never heard of her or heard her song, but it's a catchy tune that reminds me of Shakira.

The judges had the hard task of cutting another dancer. After deliberating, they weren't unanimous but agreed that Christina should be the one to go home. While it would have been nice to have a guy go home to balance it out a bit. Christina had two solid performances so I'm surprised to see her go before Melinda who faltered during the first week.

And now we are down to three girls and six guys, with a likely cut of Melinda next week unless she can pull off a top notch performance (and even then I'm not so sure).

So You Think You Can Dance: If I Were a Boy

This was my favorite routine from last night, without a doubt. It reminded me of Season 4 favorites "Bleeding Love" and "No Air."

Danced beautifully by Dominic and Lauren, I really felt the emotion and connection between them. While Lauren had a cold performance last week, this week she took the criticism from the judges to heart and grew so much in just one week. She's my favorite girl in the competion and hope she sticks around for many more weeks.

Futurama Returns Tonight!

I'm excited for the return of one of my favorite animated series: Futurama! The show went off the air years ago, but similar to Family Guy it proved too popular to fade away quietly. With stellar DVD sales and a resurgance of fans thanks to Adult Swim, Futurama is back and hopefully just as smart and hilarious.

Watch a sneak peek from tonight's episode below:

Tune in to Comedy Central tonight at 10pm EST/PST.