Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I probably won't be updating much for the next week because of the holidays and travel. So enjoy this clip and have a great holiday!


I'm flying out to Orlando today - to spend my birthday at DisneyWorld and Christmas with The Taylors (my boyfriend's family). So I probably won't be posting as much until I return at the end of December. I hope this super-sized list of links can keep you entertained in the mean time!

Women in Hollywood 2009 - A look at the lack of women behind the scenes, and how "The Blind Side" and "New Moon" along with many indie hits this year, just might change that.

Worst Movies of the 2000s - I'm sure you've read the "Best of" lists. Now take a look at the worst.

'Big Bang Theory' is an evolved portrayal of scientists (and fanboy funny!) - I'm loving this show and this explains why pretty well.

Memo to Comcast: How to Fix NBC

TVs Best of the Decade: No. 19
- While this show aired most of its best episodes in the '90s, it still had shining moments in the Aughties. I didn't expect it to see it make many lists, so I'm glad Hitfix gave it a mention.

TVs Best of the Decade: No. 18 - This show is among a handful that inspired me to work in Entertainment PR/Marketing. Because if shows this good can get canned, the fault doesn't lie in the product but in how it was marketed and presented to the public. The list of shows in the 2nd paragraph all fall into the same boat: brilliant but canceled too soon. And I own most of them on DVD, available to loan out as needed since they are just that good and more people should watch them.

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for the TV Addict in Your Life

Box office -- and attendance -- booming at home and abroad with fewer, smaller movies - More proof that if you make a quality product, people will come.

WTFComcast - The funnier Comcast programming synopses make it on to this site.

Death By TV Rising - I don't mean the funny "it'll rot your brain" type of "death." Actual numbers for death and injury by falling TV sets in homes. I had no idea this was such a problem!

Does Gender Matter in Online Writing? You Betcha! - One women's story of how she became "James" and how that affected her career.

20 Greatest Sci Fi Movies Of The Past Decade

Movie Technology: Avatar, District 9, and Paranormal Activity - 2009 will be remembered as a year that changed the way we look at movie technology. From the do-it-yourself attitude of Paranormal Activity and District 9, to the over the top genre and technology changing beast that is Avatar.

The Decade's 15 Hottest Colleges - Damn, it's good to be a Trojan.

11 Movies that Changed Sci Fi (and 9 That Didn't)

15 Worst Christmas Movies

Mid-Season TV Cheat Sheet - Awesome list of when all the shows are returning/premiering after the holidays and the Olympics.

Best of 2009 - Albums for only $5!

Best Viral Videos of 2009

Geekdom's Council of Elders: Part One Movies + TV

SyFy Airing Chuck Marathon - You guys know how much I love this show, so now's your perfect chance to catch up before the new season starts on Jan 10! It's a Best-Of marathon, so you'll catch the must-see episodes to get you up to speed.

Academy Unveils Original Song Candidates - Just a list of the eligible songs for Best Original Song for a Motion Picture. I'm really hoping Princess and the Frog gets nominated. It'd be kind of neat if something off the New Moon Soundtrack did as well. I wonder if the ratings would go up if it was, just because of how devoted Twilight fans are.

6 TV Shows That Completely Lost Their Shit - A pretty funny list full of things I didn't know. Family Matters really did go off into its own world with that Steve/Stefan thing. But the ending of Roseanne showed that the last season of all the wacky lottery, lesbian, prince, etc was a dream. At the end of the season before, Dan suffered a heart attack but survived. Well, the ending said that he didn't and everything after that was a coping mechanism. Still fucked up, but not as much as this article suggests. Now, that Bob Newhart show that ended with a dream going back to his old Newhart series was an ending that completely negated the entire existence of that show.

Being "Wrong" in Lost, The Big Bang Theory and So You Think You Can Dance

Bryan Singer to Direct X-Men: First Class

The 50 Best Catchphrases of the Decade

Happy Holidays, everyone!