Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I've been talking about it a lot on Twitter and Facebook, but now that's officially happened - it's time to blog about it too!

Too Interesting For Twitter is no more. But from the ashes, rises the entertainment website SCREEN INVASION! 

Please follow it's new social pages to stay up to date:

All my posts are now living over there and will only be posted there from now on. Like Music Monday? Viral Videos? My thoughts on TV and Film? Then go over to the new site already!

Thanks for all your support these past couple years and I am so excited about the new website!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Good Deal: 50% Off American Apparel

I recently stumbled upon this great deal for American Apparel. I thought some of you might like it, especially to grab up some holiday gifts for your hispster friends. Just spend $20 for $40 worth of merchandise. Only 2 days left on this deal, don't miss it!


Music Monday: The End Of The World (Friend of the People Mixtape) by Lupe Fiasco

I posted the awesome M83 track "Midnight City" as a Music Monday song a few weeks ago, and now one of my favorite rappers has used that beat to lay down their rhymes. Two great things together, to make a really fantastic song.

Lupe Fiasco released a new mixtape recently and "The End Of The World" is a highlight! Listen to the song right here:

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Small Screen Podcast: Episode 12 (HAPPY ENDINGS for COUGAR TOWN?)

The Thanksgiving holiday took priority this week, but we did not want to disappoint, so here's a new episode of The Small Screen Podcast. This time around we discuss ABC's midseason schedule, SOUTH PARK, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT's rise from the grave, and other TV news. We also talk about which shows we'd bring back if we could and discuss this week's episodes of NIKITA, SNL, and HAPPY ENDINGS. Listen to the episode and check out the full breakdown below.

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Intros: Start - 1:18

TV News: 1:19 - 20:18
South Park Renewal: 1:19 - 4:33
ABC Midseason Schedule: 4:34 - 11:22
Arrested Development: 11:23 - 16:39
Grimm Full Season Pickup: 16:40 - 20:18

Topic of the Week: Which cancelled show would you like to see come back?
Pushing Daisies and Firefly: 20:19 - 27:45

What We’ve Been Watching (SPOILER ALERT): 27:46 - 44:02
Nikita: 27:46 - 33:19
SNL with Jason Segel: 33:20 - 37:55
Happy Endings: 37:56 - 44:02

Closing: 44:03 - End

Thursday, November 24, 2011

9 Pop Culture Things I'm Thankful For

While everyone lists the things they're thankful for in terms of family, friends, loved ones, life experiences and all that mumbo jumbo, I need to send out a few thanks for the pop culture, TV, and movie related things that helped make this year awesome.

1. Superhero Movies
I am so glad this trend is still going strong. Even with a couple duds like THE GREEN LANTERN, they're producing some great ones like CAPTAIN AMERICA. Plus, I'm so excited for the upcoming AVENGERS!

2. Revenge
My favorite of the new shows, it's definitely been keeping me on my toes! While the first few episodes were a little formulaic with a "revenge-a-week," it's become more interesting and wrenches get thrown in Emily's plans.

3. Netflix Instant
While Netflix has had a less than stellar year, I'm still thankful for the access to movies and TV at my fingertips. The fact that I've been able to catch up on Parks & Recreation while at the gym still blows my mind. Not to mention the recent announcement that when (if?) Arrested Development comes back, it'll be available exclusively on Netflix. Technology is amazing!

4. The Vampire Diaries
While I haven't been recapping this season, it's still one of the best shows on television! The plot moves at a breakneck pace, and even the exposition/mythology explaining episodes are handled deftly and are engaging.

5. What exactly is a "party pooper?"
This hilarious video is still one of my most popular posts and it's not hard to see why!

6. Saturday Night Live
This season has been fantastic, with a great list of hosts and musical guests. Plus, they gave us this gem:

7. Get Out of There Cat
LOLcats may be a little played out by now, but cats being where they don't belong? Love it!

8. DisneyBound
I love Disney, I'm starting to get in to fashion a bit more, and this is the perfect blend of both. Girly, geeky, and cute - right up my alley!

9. YOU
Of course, I'm thankful for my readers! I love interacting with everyone in the comments, on the Facebook page, and on Twitter. Thanks so much for reading and watching what I post. I really, truly appreciate every one of you and am glad others enjoy Pop Culture like random viral videos and memes, TV and films as much as I do. :)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! What pop culture things are you thankful for this year?