Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Small Screen Podcast: Episode 12 (HAPPY ENDINGS for COUGAR TOWN?)

The Thanksgiving holiday took priority this week, but we did not want to disappoint, so here's a new episode of The Small Screen Podcast. This time around we discuss ABC's midseason schedule, SOUTH PARK, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT's rise from the grave, and other TV news. We also talk about which shows we'd bring back if we could and discuss this week's episodes of NIKITA, SNL, and HAPPY ENDINGS. Listen to the episode and check out the full breakdown below.

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Intros: Start - 1:18

TV News: 1:19 - 20:18
South Park Renewal: 1:19 - 4:33
ABC Midseason Schedule: 4:34 - 11:22
Arrested Development: 11:23 - 16:39
Grimm Full Season Pickup: 16:40 - 20:18

Topic of the Week: Which cancelled show would you like to see come back?
Pushing Daisies and Firefly: 20:19 - 27:45

What We’ve Been Watching (SPOILER ALERT): 27:46 - 44:02
Nikita: 27:46 - 33:19
SNL with Jason Segel: 33:20 - 37:55
Happy Endings: 37:56 - 44:02

Closing: 44:03 - End

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