Friday, September 25, 2009

Clips of the Week: Single Ladies

The baby is so cute! I'm sure we'll be seeing her on So You Think You Can Dance (or rather it's future equivalent) in 18 years!

I love love love Glee! This week's episode was a little light on the singing, but this dance totally makes up for it!

This isn't what aired on SNL, but they've really cracked down on copyright infringement so this was the best I could find. Still funny!

Free Panda!

Little late in the day for this one, but just found out about it! Print out the above coupon and head over to your nearest Panda Express to try their newest dish!

Genre Mash-up! Cake edition

My kid is totally going to have one of these cakes someday. It's the perfect blend of girly cute and sci fi awesomeness! I kid, kind of. I love this cake and all it represents. Girls can love Disney and Star Wars, I'm living proof of that! Wouldn't you love a birthday cake like this? Or what other funny mash-ups would you like on your cake? I'd totally digg a X-Men/Moulin Rouge cake today.

[found on CakeWrecks]