Monday, May 24, 2010

2010 Fall TV Schedule

Now that the Upfronts are complete, The Wrap posted a great graphic breaking down the fall TV schedule:

For some reason, it doesn't include The CW's schedule. I guess they aren't even acknowledging its existence anymore. You can check out The CW's schedule HERE.

Keep reading to see how my weekly tv schedule might look. Inevitably, some shows will fall to the wayside, but this is my starting off point. Let me just say, thank goodness for DVR and hulu. The new shows I'll be giving a shot are underlined.

8:00pm: How I Met Your Mother, Chuck

8:00pm: Glee, No Ordinary Family
9:30pm: Running Wilde

8:00pm: America's Next Top Model, Undercovers
9:00pm: Modern Family
9:30pm: Cougar Town

8:00pm: The Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory, My Generation
8:30pm: S#!t My Dad Says
9:00pm: The Office, Nikita

9:00pm: Caprica, The Good Guys

9:00pm: Family Guy 

What new shows will you be checking out? Is your Thursday night just as packed as mine? A lot of new shows that I'm interested in aren't coming out until midseason (Friends with Benefits, Perfect Couples, etc), so I'll definitely have to find a way to adjust once it hits January.

Music Monday: Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy

Chuck: 2 Hour Season Finale Tonight!

Check out the exciting preview for tonight's season finale!

It's so nice to know that this isn't the end of the show! It's coming back next season for 13 episodes, and there's still a possibility for more.

In more season finale news, watch this behind the scenes clip:

Be sure you tune in tonight to NBC at 8pm EST/PST.

The Morning After Lost

Last night was the emotional finale of Lost. While I was completely satisfied with the ending, I know we'll never get answers to many of the questions posed throughout its six years. I'm fine with it and feel that the unanswered questions allow the show to live on past its air date by having people continue to mull it over, think and theorize on what exactly all these things mean. I'll leave the recapping and theorizing to those more invested and studied in the show's mythology than I.

Round-up of great Lost Finale Reads:
TIME: Tuned In Blog
The Daily Beast
The Watcher
Some hilarious YouTube reactions

Also, one of my favorite things during the finale (besides the show obviously) were the Target commercials. Check them out below:

And of course, there are already some spoof spots up: