Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 16

Couple: Kevin & Karen
Dance: Hustle (Disco)
Choreographer: Maria Torres
Song: "Come to Me" France Joli
It had a cool flip and graceful jump by Kevin. Those lifts looked effortless to me. Nice death drops. It took a while for it to pick up for me, but it ended up being a really great dance. I didn't notice his nervous face during the death drops.

Couple: Ashleigh & Jakob
Dance: Jazz
Choreographer: Mandy Moore
Song: "Relax" Frankie Goes to Hollywood
The cane prop is definitely going to be tricky. Very interesting song choice. I didn't even notice the supposed cane malfunction, they played it off so well. Wow, Nigel compared Jakob to Joel Grey and that is a great compliment.

Couple: Peter & Pauline
Dance: Quick Step
Choreographer: a new couple: JT & Thomas
Song: Hey Baby (Shake Those Hula Hips)
Aw, Peter's work in SPIN is really admirable. I like the hula girl storyline. For the "kiss of death" dance, I actually really liked it. That whole routine was adorable. I completely agree with the judges on this one. While it wasn't technically perfect, it was a great performance. The judges forgot about Vitolio & Asuka's quickstep last season - that had the museum story and was until now, the only quickstep I enjoyed.

Couple: Legacy & Kathryn
Dance: Broadway
Choreographer: Andrew Blankenburger (? or something like that)
Song: "I Wanna Be Like you" Swinging' Fireballs
Haha, they're fighting over the remote. I loved when Legacy kicked over Kathryn. Also, his feet first slide through her legs and then his roll to headstand then back into the chair. Great stand out moments.

Couple: Victor & Channing
Dance: Contemporary
Choreographer: Stacy Tookey
Song: "Be Be Your Love" Rachel Yamagata
I thought it was a very pretty dance, but I didn't have the emotional response that I was expecting given the music and tone of it. I do think this was the softest we've seen Channing, though. If they stick around, they could grow into a strong couple. But I don't see them sticking around very long, sadly.

Couple: Elenore & Ryan
Dance: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Lil C (he's back!! I missed his choreography last season)
Song: "Lost Biz Anthem" Tha J-Squad
They were a bit out of sync, not quite as hard hitting. Overall, it was just an ok routine that is ultimately pretty forgetable. I agree with Nigel, they just did the steps, but they didn't feel it.

Couple: Molly & Nathan
Dance: Salsa
Choreographer: Gustavo Vargas
Song: "Quimbara" Celia Cruz
They finally looked like adults! Molly was pretty stiff, and it seemed a bit awkward at times. That ending move was a bit flubbed too. I'm glad Nathan was able to keep his sense of humor with that "I felt...HOT" moment. Loved that moment more than the entirety of the dance.

Couple: Noelle & Russell
Dance: African Jazz
Choreographer: Sean Cheesman
Song: "Frog Dance" Mickey Hart
Totally ripping off the storyline of the upcoming Disney movie "The Princess and the Frog". I love mid-dance costume changes! The standing leap frog type moves were very impressive.

My favorite routine is a toss up between the Afro-Jazz number and the Broadway routine. Even with the flaws, they were the most enjoyable for me to watch.

I'm glad America is voting now, it makes it even less predictable! Especially since this is the first time America is voting, I have no idea who are America's favorites, and can afford to have a lackluster night. I'm guessing that Ryan & Elenore, Molly & Nathan, and Victor & Channing will be in the bottom tomorrow night, with Victor & Channing going home. But then again, Nolly and Rylenore could have big fanbases that save them.

Who do you guys think will be going home tomorrow?


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