Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Glee: New Promo!

April cannot come soon enough!

I'm looking forward to the Madonna episode just to see why exactly Sue is in that cone bra. The Beatles song looks like a great, big production number. I also am curious to see what is up with the cheerleaders throwing themselves at Finn. Now that he's free of Quinn and the babydrama, is he the stud on campus again?

What do you guys think? Can you believe we have to wait til APRIL for this?!

Good Deal: Free Pretzel Day

Saturday is Free Pretzel Day at Auntie Anne's! February 20, from 10am - 3pm, stop in at your local Auntie Anne's and taste that delicious free treat. Worried you'll forget it? You can go to their main page and sign up for them to text you a reminder that day.

You can pick up a free original pretzel or cinnamon sugar. Mmmm cinnamon sugar. I highly recommend you guys take advantage of this deal!

Back to the Future: Sex Scenes