Friday, February 26, 2010

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The OOs Media Bowl: Film vs. TV

Taylor Lautner Fan Letter to Universal: Your Wolfman Ripped Off Twilight

Defining Disability

Quarter-life Crisis: One or the Other

Pilot Season: First Look ABC's 2010 Comedy Pilots

Pilot Season: First Look at CBS's 2010 Drama Pilots

Teen Lands Job With Fortune 500 Company

$180,000 in Debt

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Roman Polanski's Troubled Past

Thursday, February 25, 2010

ABDC: Music Video Challenge

This week the crews have blend their style with a stand out dance movie from a music video chosen at random.

No surprise, Poreotix is one of the first crews through! I hope they learn how to bring diversity and variety into their routine.

Umbrella by Rihanna
The peel off was the standout move from that routine. I liked it overall, but it wasn't as in sync as last week and I think the "bigger moves" approach wasn't to their benefit.

Jungle Boogie
She-Wolf by Sharika
Their move that they had to incorporate was so much more intense and difficult than what Poreotix had to do! They did an amazing job with intricate hand claps and stomps. I loved how they had the main girl on another level for her solo. The move where the guy ran up the backs and howled was a nice moment as well. Great energy that was very smooth and together.

Static Noyze
New in Town by Little boots
I've never heard of this song before. I'm also surprised they'll have such big props. The props really fit in well with their theatrics. They had a great performance, very much like a video according to JC. I can understand that, especially since they consider themselves a performance arts hip hop crew.

Shake it by Metro Station
A mistake or two were bound to happen when timing is so crucial to their routine. Besides their two mistakes, they had an amazing routine. The front handsprings that JC pointed out were amazing. I loved the beginning jumps as well.

Heavy Impact
Whatcha Got by Colby
I get the appeal of this crew, but I don't personally feel it. That said, these guys can dance and pull out the flip stunts. The popping challenge proved too much for most of the members and fell flat for me. Especially when compared to the popping of the other crews.

Hype 5-0
3 by Britney Spears
I am very surprised to see them safe over Blue Print Crew! That was a much better routine than last week! This is the crew I predicted could make it to the final three! They had energy and sex appeal. I loved that the guys became the pole for the ladies. The last girl-girl kiss was definitely a pull for votes, but I loved the ending pose just before the kiss better.

Bottom Two:

Royal Flush
Evacuate the Dance Floor by Cascada
I liked how the guy was the one to "shake that thing". Great jump spin thing. They used the whole stage really well.

Blue Print Crew
I Get It In by Omarion
It's got to be a conflict of interest in having a song by one of hte judges, right? This was not their best routine, but I hope they stay over Royal Flush. I think they are the better dance crew, but just had an off night and a harder song to get the energy pumping. You could tell that the back two girls couldn't hold the head stand, but everything else was on point.

Royal Flush is heading home! Based on the performances tonight alone, I would have said Blue Print Crew would have stayed. But, overall BPC is the better dance crew when it comes to precision and overall capabilities.


I think next week's bottom two will be Heavy Impact and then a toss up between Static Noyze and Saltare. I don't know if their mistakes will cause people to not care about their gimmick or if it'll drive people to vote for them more because they like them. I also think Poreotix have an outside chance of making it into the bottom. I'm sure they have the fans, but their routine was really weak, especially the challenge part.

Scooby-Doo Just Got Dark

Glee Goes "Gaga"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

15 Things You Should Know About Breasts

15 Things Worth Knowing About Breasts
Via: Online Schools

I think that explains it all. #12 surprised me - Maine? Ohio?

Alice in Wonderland: Clothe This Girl

Is it March 5 yet? I can't wait to see this on IMAX!

Free Pancake Day!

Get yourself to an IHOP today between 7 am and 10 pm! You'll get free pancakes and can make a donation for local children's hospitals through the Children's Miracle Network. How can you go wrong there?

Monday, February 22, 2010

25 Films to See Before The Oscars

According to Entertainment Weekly, these are the 25 films you need to see before The Academy Awards, either because they're nominated a bunch or because they are great films that were snubbed. How many have you seen? I've bolded the ones I've seen below.
  1. (500) Days of Summer
  2. Avatar
  3. The Blind Side
  4. Bright Star
  5. Crazy Heart
  6. District 9
  7. An Education
  8. Fantastic Mr. Fox
  9. The Hurt Locker
  10. The Informant
  11. Inglorious Basterds
  12. Invictus
  13. It's Complicated
  14. Julie & Julia
  15. The Last Station
  16. The Lovely Bones
  17. The Messenger
  18. Nine
  19. Precious
  20. A Serious Man
  21. A Single Man
  22. Star Trek
  23. Up
  24. Up In The Air
  25. The Young Victoria

There are lot of films on this list that I wanted to see, but didn't have the time to get to it. There are few on here that I didn't feel were worthy of my $12 for a movie ticket, but I'll be sure to catch them on DVD soon.

Vampire Diaries Mall Tour

Worth it for the bit at 2:30. I knew this was happening, but I didn't know when. Woops, guess I missed it!

Be sure to watch new The Vampire Diaries episodes starting March 25.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shutter Island: A Rat in a Maze

Shutter Island has been on my movie radar for over half a year now, since it was promoted during summer 2009 for an October release that got pushed back. Rumor has it that it was pushed back because the studio couldn't afford an Oscar push for this film on top campaigns for Star Trek and Up in the Air. Don't know how much truth is there, but if that's the case I think they made a mistake. With Scorese and Leo, how could you go wrong? But, on to the movie itself. Don't worry, no direct spoilers here.

Shutter Island is a slow burning film. It takes you on this ride that you just need to sit and enjoy and see where it takes you. The intercuts with dream sequences and memories at first confuses and confounds, but as more and more is revealed, you find that everything is important. The dreams are perhaps more important that the reality we're presented with.

The reality we're presented is slowly eroded away as the protagonist becomes more and more unreliable. I absolutely love movies with unreliable narrators/protagonists - some of my favorite movies are Memento and Fight Club. These movies keep you guessing and prove to be the most unpredictable.

I want to see this film again, to see how all the pieces fall into place. At first, I thought this was a film noir with a similar message to One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. But, you come to realize that this is a very different film, taking you on a path you didn't expect from the beginning. In the theater, I overheard a girl in the audience say "oh, I knew from the first scene..." and I just need to call out bullshit there. If you go into this film completely unspoiled, you won't guess the ending.

I can see why there are some people out there who hated this film though, the ending may not satisfy you. However, I absolutely loved it and it kept me thinking and discussing the movie all weekend.

Shutter Island is a visually beautiful film that grips you from beginning to end. I highly recommend it!

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"Shutter Island" Soars at Box Office

The Best Craigslist Ad Ever

I don't know if I would want to live with this guy after this post, but I would definitely remember the ad.

[via Consumerist]

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

ABDC: Chart Topper Challenge

9 crews enter and only 8 will make it through to next week.

There are so many different styles and personalities represented in these crews. I can't wait to see who ends up on top!

This week's challenge has the crews taking some of today's most popular songs and having to shine through the music

Hype 5-0 (West - Hawaii)
I'ma Be by the Black Eyed Peas
I really want this crew to succeed! Islanders represent! But, this routine was not as strong as their first performance. They had a lot of energy, but they didn't have any truly stand out moments. That throw/jump was a disappointment after how much build up that move had. I expected some backflips or something. While they weren't their best, I hope they make it through to next week!
Heavy Impact (West - Los Angeles)
Say Ah by Trey Songs and Fabolous
I'm still very surprised that they made it to the finals. They had a great bridge jump over and under move. They're very clean and in snyc and these big guys doing back flips and jumps like they're nothing truly impresses me. They had a great routine tonight! It makes me worry for Hype 5-0's chances. You know Poreotix is making it through to the next round.

Poreotix (West - Westminster, CA)
Day and Night by Kid Cudi
Wow, I love them. Their isolations and robotics are just so good. They did tutting with not just hands but with fingers! What the heck are "crispy isolations"? JC definitely has a point that they need to diversify.

Swagger Crew (South - Atlanta, GA)
Hard by Rihanna
That was pretty good. They had attitude! The girl is really the star of this crew. Damn, I was not expecting the judging to be so harsh on them. I thought the routine had some great attitude and presence.

Jungle Boogie (South - Stone Mountain, GA)
How Low by Ludicris and Shawna
That was great! They had energy, they were in sync, they pulled out some very memorable moments. In particular, I loved the swagger/sway where the girl was a level above the fellas, the back flips towards the front of the stage, the African moves, and the ending back flip/roar move.

Royal Flush (South - Atlanta, GA)
Down by Jay Sean
Loved the "Flying Squirrel" (as Omarion called it) and the threading. They had some great lines too. The wheelbarrow flip at the end was great too. They are much improved from the first week. Looks like Swagger Crew is going to be in the bottom, which I would not have guessed given they were by far the strongest during the South Regional Show.

Side notes: is Georgia the only southern state with groove? And is there a ratio of 5 guys to 1 girl there? All the south crews danced very differently from one another, but are all from Georgia and have just 1 girl. Odd.

Saltare (East - Raleigh, NC)
Hotel Room by Pitbull
Wow, their timing is just so impressive! I loved when they went down the line and jumped through one by one, the flips within the ropes, and ending where they jumped as a group through the one small rope. Then when they dropped the rope and just did isolations was great surprise too. Glad to see them actually dance! I hope America loves them as much as me and the judges do.

Static Noyze (East - Cambridge, MA)
What didya say by Jason Derulo
I don't see them doing well when it comes to getting votes. The whole theatrical thing really slows down the momentum and doesn't produce many stand out moments for me. Now, they did turn out a solid performance with great lines and I loved the ending image of the girl throwing herself at the guy and getting caught by the other teammates.

Blue Print Cru (East - Montreal, Canada)
That's Not My Name by The Ting Tings
Wow, I want to not like them because they're from Canada, but that was so good! The breakaway to reveal the b-boying, when they threw the girl across the stage, their lines and formations - all great! I have no doubt they'll end up in the Final 3 if they can stay at this level.

The East Crews were the strongest of the night. (Which hurts a bit to say as an LA girl.) I think Swagger Crew has to be the one to go home tonight. They were the only crew to get really negative reviews. Plus, I refuse to think Hype 5-0 is going home.

Sudden Death
Tick Tock by Ke$ha
Hype 5-0 - nice lines and energy.
Swagger Crew - That ending move with all the rolls was great. Strong ending.
Static Noyze - Loved the move where the guy in back was rotated and you saw it through a fram made of the arms of the other crew members.

I don't want Hype 5-0 to go home, but it's definitely between them and Swagger Crew. Static Noyze had the most memorable and smooth performance in Sudden Death.

Farewell Swagger Crew. You had such a strong performance in your first week, I didn't see this coming. But they were definitely the weakest crew tonight.

Bottom 2 Prediction:
Hype 5-0
Royal Flush

Did you guys watch? Who do you think will be in the bottom next week?

Sassy Gay Friend

via @JamesGrosch

My, I wonder how other Shakespeare plays would be different if this character was in all of them!

Linkulous: Chocolate, Oscars, Ebert, and more!

TGIF! I hope you all have fabulous weekends filled with fun, despite the rain that we'll get here in LA. Enjoy these articles I read during the week and stay tuned for my delayed ABDC recap!

Which Social Network is Right for you? - with so many out there, how do you pick?

Oscar-Nominated Song Performers Told To Take a Seat - I'm kind of bummed to see this getting the axe, but I am excited for the dance routine they're adding this year.

Roger Ebert: The Essential Man - wow, I follow him on twitter and I had no idea any of this had happened.

Akon: Lady Gaga Made Me Rich - I'm not surprised! I hope she's getting rich off of her success too.

6 Ways the last season of Lost is just like the last season of Buffy - spoilers for both shows if you haven't seen it, but plan to.

Christoph Waltz and Water For Elephants
- I loved this book! I read this article and just got more excited for the movie as I went on. But then...RPattz in the lead? hmmm, we'll see how this goes.

American Pie 5? - Really?

7 Things Back to the Future Guessed Right - Ha, makes me want to watch it again and see if there are any more!

A Chocolate Lovers Dream
- of course they build this AFTER I leave China.

Forbidden Love: Five TV Hook-Ups That Left Fans Fuming

Sci-Fi Sexy Time: The All Time Hottest Hook Ups

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Edwards Loves Verizon

I love when commercials have a sense of humor, even more so when they relate to pop culture and timeliness.

Just How Much is Green Screen?

I had no idea just how much of television was green screen nowadays! This technology has really come a long way since those very obvious green screen shots in old movies.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Glee: New Promo!

April cannot come soon enough!

I'm looking forward to the Madonna episode just to see why exactly Sue is in that cone bra. The Beatles song looks like a great, big production number. I also am curious to see what is up with the cheerleaders throwing themselves at Finn. Now that he's free of Quinn and the babydrama, is he the stud on campus again?

What do you guys think? Can you believe we have to wait til APRIL for this?!

Good Deal: Free Pretzel Day

Saturday is Free Pretzel Day at Auntie Anne's! February 20, from 10am - 3pm, stop in at your local Auntie Anne's and taste that delicious free treat. Worried you'll forget it? You can go to their main page and sign up for them to text you a reminder that day.

You can pick up a free original pretzel or cinnamon sugar. Mmmm cinnamon sugar. I highly recommend you guys take advantage of this deal!

Back to the Future: Sex Scenes


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Ghost Writer

This looks really good. It's got a solid cast (Ewan McGregor!) and directed by Roman Polanski. Plus, it's gotten really strong reviews. Will Roman Polanski's off-screen scandals stop you from seeing it?

Defendor: New Trailer

In a very similar vein to Kick-Ass, this is Defendor. Check it out!

Music Tuesday: The Call by The Backstreet Boys

Since Monday was a holiday, I'm celebrating Music Monday today. This song has been stuck in my head for days. It's probably my favorite BSB song. It's just so catchy! What's your favorite BSB song? I know, flashback to the 90's for a minute and dig deep.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Venice (CA) Canals

This weekend was gorgeous! KT and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went to explore Venice Beach and the Venice Canals. Despite being in LA since I was 4, I had never been to the canals. They were so beautiful and peaceful! It's only a matter of blocks, but its a whole world away from the Venice Boardwalk that thrives with personality and street performers.

There were cute ducks everywhere!

Weekend Movies

Happy Presidents Day! I hope you all are enjoying your day off work (if you have the day off like me). For Valentine's, KT and I saw Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightening Thief and The Wolfman. Below are my thoughts on the films.

The Wolfman
This movie has been sitting on the shelf for almost 2 years. They showed some footage of it way back at Comic Con 2008. Back then, I wasn't too impressed with it and had no desire to see it. But then when it came out, it looked like it had been improved during its post-production limbo. I should have known better. This is a B-Movie with far too much money. It had some great effects, but the story and acting was bland. Rating: Skip it.

Percy Jackson & The Olympans: The Lightening Thief
I hadn't read the book, but had heard great things from my roommate. I really enjoyed this! I'm glad they aged Percy - in the book he's 12, but in the movie he's 16-ish. The action would have felt like too much with a 12 year old at its center. The adventure to find the pearls was exciting and I couldn't see what villain/mythological creature would show up next. While the 3 kids at the center of this film are unknowns, there's some big star power with Pierce Brosnon, Sean Bean, Uma Therman, and Daniel McKidd. I wish there had been more with Poseidon,

Both of the movies had a small success this weekend at the box office, but I hope Percy Jackson can pull in more money. I would totally watch the next chapter in this franchise. I hope it doesn't become an aborted franchise a la The Golden Compass:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Linkulous: Chick Flicks, Leno, Chuck, and more

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a good week and are looking forward to an even better weekend. I know I'm excited since it's a 3 day weekend for me! Maybe now I'll be able to do my taxes?

Well, in less boring news, here are some interesting articles I read this week:

The Mystery of the Chick Flick - maybe this wouldn't be such a mystery if they had more women behind the scenes.

Three Things I Learned From Leno

Money Can't Buy Happiness: Man Gives Away His Fortune

The Top Lost Fan Videos

How a Big Win For "The Hurt Locker" could change the Academy Awards

Shows That Could Have Canned Laughter

All in the Modern Family - a look at the evolution of the sitcom and how Modern Family fits in it.

Best Picture, Uncut - TIME analyzes the best picture oscar nominations

The Construction of Canadian Identity in How I Met Your Mother

Have you guys heard about the Chuck controversy? Apparently fans are threatening to boycott the show now that Chuck and Sarah are interested in other people. I don't get the logic behind that. Here are some great articles about the whole debacle:

The Double Edged Sword of Devotion: Chuck vs. The Entitled Fanbase

Chuck vs. The Fanbase - completely agree with this take on the events.

Chuck: Shwartz vs. The Controversy

The Chuck Crisis of '10: A National Dialogue

The Watcher's Take on the Chuck Controversy

Thursday, February 11, 2010

ABDC: West Regional Crews

The West Crews are in the house!

Hype 5-0
Drop it Low by Esther Dean w/ Chris Brown
Grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts, cute. Loved the opening and storyline. There's a lot of people on stage, it's a little hard to keep track of everything going on at once. Their final move was really cool. The mark of a good routine: I didn't want that to end.

Heavy Impact
Los Angeles, CA
Raindrops by Jeremiah
These are all some big dudes! I was surprised by that back flip series! I did not need to see those tummy roles. They were pretty good, and definitely a surprise given their size. They had smooth moves and were in sync. Shout out to Nappy Tabs! One of the guys was wearing their shirt.

Blended Projekt
West Covina, CA
Get Involved by Genuwine
They're babies! Again, this is a very large crew with 8 members. They were really together and had great lines, but we have seen this before. I just don't see another clogging crew making it through after Dynamic Edition's appearance. Plus, we already have one out-of-the-norm crew with Saltare. I don't think there's enough room for two.

Break EFX
Denver, CO
All Eyes on Me by Clipse
Why are all these crews so large?! Evidence of over-population. I liked the hat trick move where they scooted on their hands and head to the center. They were a lot of fun, but I was expecting more from the ONLY B-Boy crew in the West. Their odds are good to making it through though.

Westminster, CA
Love Story by Taylor Swift
Wow, they are my favorite, no doubt! They were so precise, they had humor, they had story, they had it all. I loved the Kanye interruption ending. I really want to see these guys in the coming weeks.

The crews were all really strong, which is to be expected of the West Coast Crews.

Wow, I am very surprised Heavy Impact got the other spot to the finals. I thought for sure it would go to Hype 5-0 or Break EFX.

Sudden Death
Showdown by Black Eyed Peas
Break EFX and Hype 5-0 had great last ditch efforts. Yeah! Glad to see the Islander crew make it through, gotta represent! We're a minority, so we have to stick together. I am very surprised no b-boy crew made it through from the west, but that style has had its time to shine. Now it's time for new and hybridized styles to be front and center.

It's really early to predict, but here are my picks for the Final 3 Crews:

Blue Print Crew
Poreotix (if people are feeling their humor and style. If not, they don't stand a chance)
Hype 5-0

I don't think Saltare is going to last long, just because the gimmick crews never seem to crack the top 5 (except for Break Sk8te).

Toy Story 3: New Trailer

Speaking of Disney sequels, here's one that I am excited for!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HIMYM: Daughter's Lament

What a great fan video about How I Met Your Mother! It's got some great lyrics and you can tell she's seen the episodes many times in order to remember all those catchphrases and incidents. Are there any other great HIMYM fan creations out there?

Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Now that's a great commercial!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Muppets Strike Again!

Too Much of a Good Thing: Enchanted

According to PopCrunch, Disney is gearing up for Enchanted 2. I loved loved loved Enchanted, but I am definitely not looking forward to a sequel if this makes its way to the screen. Disney has a very poor reputation when it comes sequels - sacrificing creativity and storytelling to cash in on the franchise quickly and cheaply. Besides Toy Story 2, can you name a Disney sequel that you enjoyed?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV

What a great game! The Saints vs. Colts game was definitely the best superbowl I've ever seen. Not necessarily for the game play itself, but for the fact that I actually cared about the outcome and was pulling for a team. The city of New Orleans deserved this one and the better team won. But, I'll leave the sports talk to those more in the know than I (pst, have you checked out my boyfriend's sports/poker blog?).

Now, on to things I know more about - commercials! There were some really great ads, this year, but I'll just post my favorite one below:

I love how they were able to tell a whole story without any spoken words. Plus, the quietness of the commercial actually made more people pay attention, at least at the Super Bowl party I was at.

For more of the commercials you can check out Hulu's AdZone through this widget:

I hope you all enjoyed the game!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gone With The Wind With Vampires

Maybe after Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, they can make this!


I don't know who made this, but I love it!

Cop Out: Red Band Trailer

I'm still undecided about this one. Granted, the red band trailer is much funnier than the original, but this just doesn't feel like the Kevin Smith movies I love. He didn't write, so there was no way it would be like it, but it doesn't even look like a KSmith film. If I did not know this was a Kevin Smith movie, I don't think I'd be interested in it all.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Lost: Side-By-Side Comparison

Do you see all the slight differences between the pilot and the season premiere?

In other Lost news, Newsweek did a brief piece on Lost through the eyes of non-Lost watchers. There's just no way to sum up who these characters are and what they've been through these past 5 seasons easily and succintly enough to fit within the commercial breaks.

Banned Commercials

Hilarious. I don't see why the BC one was banned though. Oh well, thank goodness for the internet.

Linkulous: The CW, Lost Fans, and more

This week has been particularly busy, so I didn't get much reading in. Hope you guys enjoy these articles! And be sure to check back over the weekend, I've got a few posts in mind (superbowl commercial write up? movie reviews? who knows!)

How The CW Stays Undead - the little network that could. And no surprise, is doing better than NBC.

PBS Show Scrutinizes our 'Digital Nation'

Surprised fan reaction to leaked "LOST" premiere - Lost fans truly are one-of-a-kind. I definitely avoided all the "leaked" videos and even official promos before the premiere aired.

Lost Premiere - don't want to say anything about the premiere, but this was a great write up!

Man vs. Food Guy Talks About Post-Food Challenge Challenges

The New 'Alice' says this 'Wonderland' is more like a sequel than a remake

(500) Days of Summer, Bright Star, Where The Wild Things Are: What Went Wrong?
- good reasoning behind why these movies were left out of the oscar race.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

ABDC: East Regional Crews

Tonight the East Coast brings the best crews they have to offer. Let's see if any of these crews are good enough to take down the west.

Legendary Seven
Boston, MA
I Can Transform You
Interesting that 2 of the members were part of Status Quo (Season 1 finalists); I didn't think that would be allowed. They had some great tricks - flip where the guy used another guy's head to push off, the syncronized flips, flip where he landed on his knees, helicopter move, etc - and even more importantly they were also really smooth and together. Great routine!

Providence, Rhode Island
Shattered Glass by Britney Spears
They had some pretty solid moves, but they probably won't be very memorable by the end of the night. Their choreography was detailed and together, but there were no flashy moves or tricks that stand out. I liked JC's suggestion about dancing to something other than the kick and snare; that could have been what made it stand out more.

Blue Print Crew
Montreal, Canada
Feel on it by Bishop Lamont
Ok, wait wait wait, what is a CANADIAN crew doing on AMERICA's Best Dance Crew? They better be good. Wow, ok they were pretty good. I loved the blending of rock, hip hop, and even fosse/musical theatre snaps. They had some great tricks - back flips into coin drop, the blast off jump where he got some serious air. They had a great, well mixed track that was not something you hear every show too.

Static Noyze
Cambridge, MA
On to the Next One with Jay-Z and Swiss Beats
Started out slow, and picked up but it still didn't have the energy that I was expecting. They felt very contemp-hop in the beginning with the slow lyrical moves. The judges are split on this crew, but I definitely have to side with Omarion on this one. I just don't think they're stronger the other crews we've seen tonight, they lacked the energy and presence.

Raleigh, NC
Ima Shine by Young Bloods
That was something I have DEFINITELY never seen before. The 540 into the jump rope was impressive! I'm a little bummed he said he would do that before the routine. The two guys doing splits and floor moves in the double dutch were just perfectly timed. It'll be very interesting to see how this group faces the weekly challenges if they make it through. I don't know how well their routines can be with a limited time to rehearse since perfect timing is required.

Saltare and Blue Print Crew are moving on! I am very surprised that Legendary Seven is not through; I thought they were a sure thing.

Sudden Death
Hip Hop is Dead by Nas
All three crews turned in strong sudden death crews. Static Noyze and Legendary Seven were great, but polar opposites of each other. Static Noyze is all choreography, no tricks or stand out moments while Legendary Seven does trick after trick with very little choreo in between. I think they'll go with Static Noyze on this one.

Glad to see Static Noyze moving forward! While I'm sorry to see Legendary Seven go, I think the right crew made it through. I don't know how much I like this format though. Legendary Seven was definitely better than some of the South crews. I don't think the South crews are going to make it very far, unless they severely step up their game.

I'm excited for next week when the West Coast (BEST COAST) takes the stage! Every winner so far has been the West, so they've got a lot to live up to.

Aspiring Sports Anchor: Kevin Taylor

As most of you may know, my boyfriend Kevin Taylor is applying for sports anchor jobs. Check out his reel! Spread it around so more people see how awesome a newscaster he is! The goal is to get him hired.

Parody: SNL Digital Short

Great parody/homage of Andy Samberg's digital shorts. I totally agree with this (have you seen "Throw it on the ground"?), but the digital short last week was my favorite part of the last episode. And it didn't involve rapping about the mundane!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jimmy Fallon Takes on Glee

Kick-Ass: International Trailer

<a href=";from=sp&amp;vid=df8e1600-9d67-47ce-9b2b-6171d203b64d" target="_new" title="Kick-Ass - Trailer">Video: Kick-Ass - Trailer</a>

Best Fails of 2009

Monday, February 1, 2010

Chuck: Sneak Peek

Damn, what guy could resist Sarah?! Especially when partnered with midriff baring BSG "Frak Off" shirt. That's like every geek guys dream!

This episode looks like it'll be good. Be sure you tune in tonight 8 PM EST/PST on NBC.

Related Link:
'Chuck': Kristin Kreuk plays nice

Lost: Season 6 Starts Tomorow!

Lost comes back tomorrow and I'm so excited! I'm staying away from spoilers (like that "leaked" clip of the first 5 minutes of the premiere) but I still wanted to share the info with my readers. Check out this just released official promo for the new season: