Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Darkside of Disney

Wall-E: The Cannibal Years

Great fanmade trailer! I'm a big fan of these genre switching trailers. Here's my favorite in the Dark Disney theme:

Modern Family just wants to "Do You, Do You"

Fans who caught the show last night heard just a snippet of Dylan's soulful song about Haley. Well, that teaser just isn't enough! Here's the whole song, complete with music video.

This show is hilarious! I loved last night's episode; it may have been the best so far this season! Last night, just when you think the show is about to get all serious and drop a message about families, they throw you a curveball by having Dylan sing this song for the family. Then, when you think the episode is over, you get a final 30 seconds of all the members of the family singing this and having it stuck in their heads. I particularly loved Cameron and Mitchell's harmonizing too. If you like the song, you can download the whole mp3 HERE.