Thursday, May 5, 2011

ABDC Season 6: Rihanna Challenge

This week the crews take on the songs of Rihanna's top hits, and even get the help of her personal VMA Show choreographer, Demitri Scott, to make sure they include dance hall moves that have caribbean roots and that island feel.

The first crew to be safe this week is Instant Noodles, which was a surprise to me! I definitely don't consider them in the top half of the crews.

Crew: Instant Noodles
Rihanna Song: Hard
Background: They had to include a "head top" move into their routine, which is a jump down to the ground into a head stand with some booty shaking.
Routine: Lil Mama thought they could have brought more dance hall style to the performance, but loved when they did a crotch grab and then switched to the other leg. She thought it had that reggae swagger. D-Trix thought that this was their best performance yet. He pointed out the air freezes and the baby mills, but especially loved that they broke out of their mold and did some booty popping on their heads. JC thought it was clever the way they transitioned from dance hall to b-boy moves. Overall, I thought it was good but this crew has yet to blow me away. We've seen such great b-boy crews on the show before and they are just not living up to that precedent.

Tina Fey is "swearing for two" on SNL this weekend

Tina Fey is one of my favorite cast members from SNL's history, so whenever she makes a host or guest appearance, you know it'll be a great episode. Check out the promos for her episode this Saturday, where she'll be swearing for two and a whole lot more.