Thursday, May 5, 2011

ABDC Season 6: Rihanna Challenge

This week the crews take on the songs of Rihanna's top hits, and even get the help of her personal VMA Show choreographer, Demitri Scott, to make sure they include dance hall moves that have caribbean roots and that island feel.

The first crew to be safe this week is Instant Noodles, which was a surprise to me! I definitely don't consider them in the top half of the crews.

Crew: Instant Noodles
Rihanna Song: Hard
Background: They had to include a "head top" move into their routine, which is a jump down to the ground into a head stand with some booty shaking.
Routine: Lil Mama thought they could have brought more dance hall style to the performance, but loved when they did a crotch grab and then switched to the other leg. She thought it had that reggae swagger. D-Trix thought that this was their best performance yet. He pointed out the air freezes and the baby mills, but especially loved that they broke out of their mold and did some booty popping on their heads. JC thought it was clever the way they transitioned from dance hall to b-boy moves. Overall, I thought it was good but this crew has yet to blow me away. We've seen such great b-boy crews on the show before and they are just not living up to that precedent.

Between Iconic Boyz and 787 Crew, I'm not surprised that Iconic Boyz are safe. America loves how cute they are, and the internet chatter is pretty negative towards 787 Crew, who have been referred to as "Status Que" because of their over-reliance on stunts.

Crew: Iconic Boyz
Rihanna Song: Only Girl In The World
Background: They have the incorporate an island-style running man called "Give Them A Run"  
Routine: D-Trix thought they brought the adorable-ness, but also comedy, stunts, and choreography which could make them America's Best Dance Crew. WOW, those are some bold words right there. I frankly just wasn't seeing; I think they're still coasting by on their cuteness and the judges are just feeding into it because they know they won't be able to change America's mind. JC and Lil Mama loved them as well, and are we really going to have them survive to the Top 5? Hopefully, things will play out like seasons past and this "gimmick" crew will be out before the Top 4. 

The last crews to learn they're safe are IaMmE and Street Kingdom. I am VERY surprised that Phunk Phenomenon are in danger, since to me they've consistently been one of the strongest performances each week. 

Crew: IaMmE
Rihanna Song: S&M
Background: They have to do the spider-man, which means their bodies need to move in opposing ways, kind of like a swing move. 
Routine: I loved the story they brought to it, making the spider-man not just the move but also the story. Their "brain bang" move this routine was SICK. JC loved everything about this group and so did I! I was going to quote Lil Mama for her praise but it made even less sense than usual. And hold up, Olivia is only FIFTEEN years old? That girl is fierce and is going to be a talent for years to come. D-Trix thought this routine could not have been better! They continue to amaze week after week and are definitely my frontrunners for the title. Best routine of the night. 

Crew: Street Kingdom
Rihanna Song: Rude Boy
Background: They have to do the dutty wind, which is a bit more sexual of a move than they're used to. They'll have to find a way to mesh the sexy move with their harder style. 
Routine: They incorporated some humor this time and that was a nice change of pace for me. Lil Mama was brought to tears by their performance, because she's inspired from them since they came up from the streets. I thought she was crying because they disappointed her because she went off about how they need to be open to more types of choreography and not just krump. D-Trix loved it, of course. JC enjoyed it but called them out for some ABC choreo in the beginning, walking transitions, and a lack of big group movements. Honestly, I am just not seeing what the judges and I think a lot of that has to do with how big this group is and how ineffective the cameras are at catching all what this crew is doing. 

Bottom Two Crews

Crew: Phunk Phenomenon
Rihanna Song: Please Don't Stop The Music
Background: They get The Chaplin, which apparently they're all already familiar with. It's a pretty basic leg shaking move, but they want to find a way to spice it up a bit. 
Routine: Ok, WHAT WAS THAT CRAZY TRICK MOVE? You know the one I'm talking about: the handstand jumped over one of the crew members, into a freeze. JC loves them and the fact that they're dancing for a cause. They have blown him away week after week and they are among my favorites in this competition, so I'm hoping the judges see things the same way. D-Trix loves that they have all the fundamentals on lock, with no weakness in this crew. 

Crew: 787 Crew
Rihanna Song: Whats My Name feat. Drake
Background: They've got to do a Gallis Step all the way down to their heads. Since they're from Peurto Rico, they've already got some of that island movement in their background, so they should blow this challnege away. 
Routine: Lil Mama loves how strong they are in hip hop moves with their Puerto Rican background. D-Trix loves that they are all equally athletic, it's not just one crew member doing one move, another doing another, they all can do all the moves. 

I'm hoping Phunk Phenomenon stays around because they and IaMmE are my favorites this season. In the end, the judges had to make their toughest elimination yet and sent 787 Crew home. I thought they were always fun to watch, with tons of flips and tricks to make them stick out. 

Prediction for next week: Is it too much to hope that Iconic Boyz will be in the bottom? If not, I think Street Kingdom and Instant Noodles will be. The cameras are doing Street Kingdom a disservice because their crew is too large to highlight their moves as well as the other crews. They've brought 2 of the judges to tears but I am just not feeling them. 

Oh god, next week is Justin Beiber week. Well, that will be interesting. What a more fitting last week for Iconic Boyz, am I right?! Well, I can hope. 

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