Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Superhero Halloween

We all know Halloween isn't just for the kiddies. Girls take this holiday as the perfect opportunity for crazy outfits that wouldn't fly any other day of the year. For example, I totally want this to be costume this year: Sexy Spider-woman!

There's a few more costumes in this line, you check them out here.

[found on Cinematical]

Wii Fit Plus!

This looks very promising! It lets you make playlists of routines so you're not stopping after every move, which makes it feel like an actual work out. This was my main complaint with the Wii Fit. It also gives you calorie counts and comparable food items to that. This is really smart because now the calorie count isn't just a number, it gives the player a point of reference so they know if that snack break is worth it. It comes out October 4th, and I'm definitely going to buy it! It's only $20 if you have Wii Fit and the Balance Board already.

For the tech romantic...

Cute. It's an official video from google, so it's basically a commercial, but I love the story and it's adorable! Great marketing that doesn't feel obvious because it's actually entertaining.