Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Walking Dead: Sizzle Reel

AMC is really promoting their new show The Walking Dead! I can't get enough of the new material coming out; this show is going to be EPIC.

Be sure you tune in to the premiere on Halloween, October 31 on AMC.

Glow was Lackluster

You know something's wrong when the highlight of your event is the food trucks.

Last night I went to the GLOW event at Santa Monica. It sounded cool and had a lot of press and buzz about it leading up to the event. I'm sure it was a huge success considering how busy the area was - full parking lots, slow traffic, and lots of foot traffic around all the exhibits.

However, the exhibits themselves were a disappointment. I don't know what I expected, but this did not live up to the hype. Many of the exhibits were just screens set up with an original film projected on it. The two I stuck around to watch seemed more like random images and moments, than anything cohesive or with meaning. One was a video of two men playing ball on the beach. The other was a video of clips of dogs projected on a Hot Dog on a Stick shack.

The best exhibit was Muscle Beach Glow - they had acrobats, tightrope walkers, and other stunt type performers dressed in white and neons so they popped under the blacklights they had set up. They had a DJ to liven up the performances, and glow in the dark facepaint so the kids could participate a little as well.

The highlight of the evening was the India Jones truck. I'd never been able to try it before since I never seemed to be able to catch it when it stop on the Westside. I got the butter chicken and pork vindaloo with basmati rice. This truck has been around for a while and I can see why; it was delicious! Just the right amount of spice for what I ordered. I will definitely be ordering from there again.

Overall, I had a fun time but it had little to do with the addition of the GLOW exhibits. The event just served as a reason to hang out with some friends on the beach with beautiful weather and great food. Did anyone else check out GLOW? Did it get better as it got later? I was there for a couple hours at the beginning, maybe many of the exhibits just needed more time to get into the groove.

[For more photos, check out GLOW's Flickr]