Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Importance of Forklift Safety

Last night at a networking event, this video randomly came up in conversation. It turns out, not many people had experienced it so I knew I had to share it on my blog.

The video starts out a bit slow, but I really recommend you watch the whole thing since the end is the best part. This s a REAL instructional video, which just makes it so much better.

Well, that's one way to drill in the safety hazards of the job.

America's Best Dance Crew: Martial Arts Challenge

Hey guys, here's KT's and my thoughts on this week's ABDC! The challenge was Martial Arts and it took a while for the show to pick up, but the last 2 dances were among the best of the season. I'm disappointed about who went home, but somebody had to. For more, check out our video recap below:

Who do you think will be in the bottom next week?

Will it Blend?

This makes me feel physically ill - ruining a beautiful iPhone
like that! I'm kidding, kind of. But it is an example of great
marketing. Whether it's real or not, it gets people talking about
the blender. It's gotten over 7 million views on youtube and is
just gaining more and more word of mouth marketing. They
have a whole list of things they've blended: mariokart wii wheel,
glow sticks, wiimote, rubik's cube, and more.