Monday, April 18, 2011

Awesome Fan-Made Retro X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Credits Sequence

The 60's set X-MEN: FIRST CLASS has not focused on the fact that it's technically a period piece. Looking at the posters and trailers, they've followed closely along what has been set forth in the previous, contemporary-set X-MEN films. Some fans have taken it upon themselves to create materials that reflect the look of the 1960's and this fan-made trailer is my favorite of the bunch.

Watch the slick credits and find out more about the creator after the break.

Music Monday: Miami 2 Ibiza by Tinie Tempah

This Monday was tougher than usual for me. After a weekend in Vegas, I feel like I need another weekend to just catch up on sleep! This jam helped wake me up today, thanks to its rocking beat and catchy lyrics. I caught Tinie Tempah's first US show a couple months ago and am not surprised that his "Written in the Stars" track is blowing up. This was my favorite song from his performance, so it just might be his next big single since it's already got a music video.

Catch the sexy music video, featuring a crazy night of partying in clubs and then some topless swimming from his lady companion, after the break.