Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Playlist

So this weekend, I was looking back at So You Think You Can Dance clips and decided to make a playlist of some of the best songs from this season so far.

  1. Missin You by Trey Songz - Hip Hop dance with Jason/Caitlin. The dance was pretty lackluster, but I really liked this track.
  2. Halo by Beyonce - Hip Hop dance by Evan/Randi. Cute dance with a cute story.
  3. Falling Slowly from Once soundtrack - The standout dance from Johnathon/Karla.
  4. Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx - Contemporary dance by Ade/Melissa. Possibly the best dance of theirs.
  5. Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes - Group number choreographed by NappyTabs.
  6. What a World by Common - Hip Hop routine by Jeanette/Branden. Great mix of hip hop/rock. Plus, hot outfit on Jeannette.
  7. Love Sex Magic by Ciara/JT - Hip Hop routine by Ade/Jeannette. I have no idea how Ade ended up in the bottom two after this awesome dance.
  8. Love Lockdown by Kanye West - Hip Hop routine by Philip/Jeanine. My favorite routine by them, by far.
  9. Creator by Santigold - Pop/Jazz by Caitlin/Jason. Odd dance, odd song, but it all worked so well.
  10. Windowdipper by Jib Kidder - Ade's first solo, which was the best solo of the season. Again, how was he in the bottom two last week?!
  11. If it Kills Me (From the Casa Nova Sessions) by Jason Mraz. Contemporary routine by Jeanine/Jason. My favorite routine of the season. Watched it at least 5 times since Wednesday.
So, that's my playlist. It'll just grow as the season wraps up, since it's only going to get better with the Top 8. you guys have any other suggestions?

Now that the season's long over, I've been looking back and realized I missed a few of the great songs that ran closer to the end. Here are a few more tracks I've added to my playlist.

  1. Battlefield by Jordin Sparks. Contemporary routine by Brandon/Jeanine. Great routine with powerful choreography.
  2. They're Everywhere by Izza Kizza. Zombie Hip Hop routine by Kayla/Jason. This was by far my favorite hip hop routine of the season! Loved the routine, loved the story, and they danced it so well!
  3. Gravity by Sara Bareilles. Heartbreaking contemporary routine by Kayla/Kupono. I didn't really appreciate this dance at first, but the more I see it the more it moves me. Any dance that can do that gets an A in my book.

(image courtesy of Fox)

Adam Shankman! and other Season 6 news

So You Think You Can Dance has a new permanent judge! I'm so glad Adam Shankman has been upgraded to a permanent judge! He was always my favorite of the guest judges. He's enthusiastic without being grating (like Mary Murphy), he's eloquent without being verbose (Lil C), and he's critical without being mean (Tyce D'Orio).

They'll still have guest judges, and maybe Paula Abdul will be one of them, which could make for a very crowded panel. I hope the guest judge isn't every week, otherwise the show will become more about the judges/judging than about the dances. They should learn from American Idol - they had 4 judges and it made the show run over, grating on viewers when it would interfere with their other television shows that night.

[via TVGuide]

Changes I found out from twitter:

HitFixDaniel Nigel says this "SYTYCD" finale will feature *six* dancers -- three men and three women.

I don't know how this is going to work. They already had timing issues with top 4 dancers in previous seasons. But, if they can work out the timing, I think this could make for a much more entertaining finale. My guess would be that they cut down on the dances of the top routines, which I would miss, but they would also start the eliminations earlier in the episode which would make the entire episode a MUST WATCH, rather than just the last 30 minutes.

HitFixDaniel ...because of baseball, the Top 20 doesn't start until Oct. 27. They had to expedite the run.
This is much later than I thought the Top 20 would start! But looking at it now, it makes sense because they're only airing 1 hour/week of the auditions. This could mean low ratings until the show starts, because everyone tunes in for the Top 20, not for the cast-offs that the audition weeks tend to focus more on. Hopefully the buzz will still be just as big at the end of October, so people remember to watch the best part of the show.

HitFixDaniel Nigel Lythgoe says a seventh season for "So You Think You Can Dance" next summer isn't guaranteed.
I hope this means they don't know when they'll start Season 7 and not the much more upsetting news that it may not come back at all. I can't see that being the case, since this show is the closest it gets to American Idol's success when its in its off season. Plus, it's a cheap show to produce, much cheaper than their other recent success Glee, simply because it's reality. Well, I guess we'll see what happens as this season develops and how the ratings go.

Well, that's all the news I've got today. Tune in tonight on Fox 8pm EST/PST for the Phoenix auditions!