Friday, May 27, 2011

ABDC Season 6: Kanye West Challenge

The top three take the stage to Kanye West's tracks and have to attack a type of dance that relates to Kanye's constant evolution through dance styles. I guess Kanye's too busy with all that power to intro the songs since Season 5 winners are introducing the crews to their challenge. Also, instead of each of the crews getting a single Kanye song, they'll be dancing to a super master mix and all have to include The Dougie, Boogaloo, and Isolations.

Group Performance
Kanye West Song: All of the Lights feat. Rihanna
Awesome routine with some great use of the stage and interaction with the audience. It's just glaringly obvious that Iconic Boyz are being outdanced in these numbers though. If they win this show, I'm going to be pissed. This is supposed to be America's BEST Dance Crew, not America's CUTEST Dance Crew.

The crew locked in for the finale is...
...ICONIC BOYZ. Puke. Are you f*cking kidding me?!

Crew: Iconic Boyz
Routine: I can't. I can't talk about their dancing anymore!! AMERICA WHY ARE YOU VOTING FOR THEM?! Here's what the judges had to say: D-Trix liked the dougie and the superman toss. Lil Mama stood up for them because they are "not just cute and young, they're cute and young and talented." JC thought it was a solid performance, but they were sloppy in the first section.

Bottom Two

Crew: Phunk Phenomenon
Routine: They just have such a great blend of tricks and choreography! Lil Mama thinks they're one of the underdogs of the show, but thought they killed it. She pointed out their dougie, the swing effects/tricks into the boogaloo. JC thought they were fantastic, saying they "threw some nitro into their tank" racing towards the finish line. D-Trix thought the routine had "zero downtime" and thought they were terrific.

Crew: IaMmE
Routine: The crowd at the show was chanting their name after that performance, but I don't think that was their best performance. JC couldn't've asked for anything more. Really? You could have asked for Iconic Boyz to be in the bottom! JC loved their execution of the dougie and loves that nothing they do is expected. D-Trix was literally left speechless for a second there. Every move on that floor was IaMme: they murdered the isolations and yet they are somehow showing new tricks every week! They are not out of tricks yet. D-Trix thought they "brain-banged" him and I don't think they could have gotten a better compliment than that.

I'm so sad that one of these two crews is going home. America, I'm disappointed in your voting! Given the judges' comments, I think IaMmE is staying though I think I liked Phunk Phenomenon's routine best.

Officially joining Iconic Boyz in the finale is.....IaMmE! While they have been the stronger crew throughout the season, tonight's dance battle belonged to Phunk Phenomenon. They definitely fulfilled their goals: they raised awareness of Hip Hop for Hope and to make their father proud. They accomplished that in droves and had some amazing routines along the way.

The Final Two Crews Last Stand

Crew: Iconic Boyz
Title: The Iconic Dream mixed from Give Me Everything Tonight by PitBull
Background: The concept of their last dance is "Iconic Boyz in Hollywood" and make the audience feel like their rock stars. They want everyone to know they're from Jersey too, of course.
Routine:  I thought they did a good job at tutting and I even laughed during that "give me something sexy" line that ended up with two of the boys awkwardly holding each other.

Crew: IaMmE
Title: Illemental
Background: Each one of the members has an element to their style of dance: Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Electricity, and Machine. They're like superheros/Captain Planet's team!
Routine: They had a great idea for the final routine and I loved how every member got a chance to have a solo to show off their element. My favorites were Wind and Water, but really they were all fantastic. The brain-bang at the end was also their best yet, and hey got a standing ovation from the judges and the audience!

Vote for IaMmE on!

My only solace at losing Phunk Phenomenon is that every past season, the crew that has been safe going into the finale has lost in the end to the one that had to fight to get in. Let's hope this curse stays alive!

And tune in to the finale on Sunday, June 5 at 7:30pm right before the MTV Movie Awards. All the previous winners will be there to join them on stage, so it'll be a big show!

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