Thursday, April 1, 2010

ABDC: Hip Hop Nation and Last Chance Challenge

We are down to the final three; this is going to be epic! Hip Hop Nation is the endurance and variety challenge - having to incorporate the New Orleans Bounce, Baltimore House, and Turfin in their routines.

Who will be the safe crew? Keep in mind, for the past 4 seasons, the crew that has gone into the finale on top has always come in second. Wow, Blueprint Cru is the safe crew! I am very surprised given that they have continually been in the bottom because the voters just weren't there. Did America wise up just in time?

Blueprint Cru
They pulled off each style really well. I loved the "cha-ching" moment where one of the guys is held up side-ways and the other bursts through behind him. I loved the handweaving and tutting section; they were so in sync and it was very creative. While not their best routine, I think they did a good job of blending the challenge into their choreography. I'm excited to see what they pull off next week in the finale.

I am very interested to see them pull this off, since these are all very different from their isolations and popping. I loved the signs displaying each style. The flip over during the Turfin, and really that whole Turfin section was great. The New Orleans Bounce was hilarious. That routine was very impressive! They finally jumped out of their comfort zone and KILLED it. Apparently, this was a "smooth criminal" performance - they hit everything and kept this speed fluent and clean. While I'm not down with the term, I have to agree with Lil' Mama on this one. Great routine! They will be moving on to the finale. Sorry Hype 5-0, but Poreotix and Blueprint Cru are a level above.

Hype 5-0
I loved how they called out the other crews - the Blueprint Cru move with the girl raised up and choking and Poreotix with the glasses and popping. I always find it refreshing when we're reminded that this is technically a crew battle.   While not the best routine, it was a great routine for them to go out on. Some of the highlights of the routine included the splits and the pyramid moves. While a strong routine, it's their time to go.

Congrats to Poreotix! Totally deserving and this will be a great season finale with Blueprint Crew and Poreotix! Good job Hype 5-0. I'm glad they made it this far.

Last Chance Dance
Blueprint Cru 
"Come to Life"

Great opening with the cutouts (to show they don't fit the mold?) and their moves are just so precise and in sync. The successive flips over the rolling crew members was really impressive. I wonder if they will break the curse of the top crew going into the finale.

Great routine that perfectly personifies them. The video game theme allowed their isolations to shine, fitting perfectly with the techno beats mixed by Swizz Beats. My favorite moment was the last bit in the video game frame - they did some "invaders" type hand moves, lots of tutting that led into smiles and crazy head moves.

I honestly don't know who's going to win, but I have to pick one. Going off history, I'm going to say Poreotix. Their fans will feel the need to rally since they weren't the top crew tonight. Plus, this truly was their best routine of the season. They chose the right time to peak and finally break out of their standard routine of just popping and isolations to show some range and change it up a little.

What do you guys think? Who are you voting for this week?  

Single Ladies Devestation

I almost feel bad for finding this so hilarious.

Muppets: Stand By Me

I don't know what this has to do with Easter other than bunnies, but it's from the Muppets and I love it!

April Fools!

ABC posted some great posters for April Fool's Day! The "Empty House" one is my favorite, since I did grow up with those shows. I wonder what a "Sabrina The ThirtySomething Witch" would be like. Would she be searching for love in all the wrong places, trying to hold a regular 9-5 job but her magics would keep getting her in trouble? Oh the hijinks that would ensue!

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