Thursday, June 23, 2011

SYTYCD Season 8: Top 20 Perform AGAIN

This week, living legend Debbie Reynolds is guest judging! Famous for her work in SINGIN' IN THE RAIN and tons of other musical movies, and danced with dancing legend Gene Kelly.

Ricky & Ryan
Mandy Moore Jazz
Song: Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer
Ricky's jump into the splits was impressive. Otherwise, nothing really stood out to me and thought it was just average for the show. Nigel thought they were on the Hot Tamale Train, with it being so hot and raunchy, with huge sexual tension "like something between Mary and [Nigel]." Mary shrieked that she's addicted to them and thought Ryan was a "warrior vixen" while Ricky was in character the whole time. Debbie Reynolds was hilarious: "I've never seen anyone dance sexier, I mean you fell out of your top, you fell out of your bottom, you gave it your all!"