Thursday, March 11, 2010

ABDC: Disco Challenge

This week each crew had to bring their A-game as two crews are being eliminated this week. They have the unique challenge of blending disco, including a lift, with their hip hop routines.

Blue Print Cru
Le Freak by Chic
The first crew to ever be granted immunity, and they truly diserved it after their performance last week. They incorporated the Funky Guitar and Helicopter lifts, as well as some other disco moves that weren't required. They were very together and had some great b-boying mixed in.

Burn Baby Burn
They had to incorporate The Hustle into their jump roping. I cannot believe they jumped with burning ropes, way to interpret that literally. This routine more than others seemed like jumping than choreography. I know I'm in the minority in liking them, but even I wasn't too keen on this routine.

Dancing Machine by The Jackson 5
I'm a huge fan of theirs so far, but they seriously got The Robot as their challenge move? That's pretty much exactly what they do anyway! They got the easiest challenge move of the bunch because it was so suited to their talents. The routine was great, as usual, but I would have liked to have them be forced to step out of their comfort zone more. The dolphin wave (as Lil' Mama called it) was the highlight for me; a fun eye opening move.

Hype 5-0
Shake Your Grove Thing by Peaches and Herb

They have to do the Electric Slide, one of the most well-known dance moves in the history of ever, within their routine.  I think that was their best routine yet! They had such energy, pulled out some interesting choreography that we haven't seen before. JC had a bunch of criticism, but sometimes I feel like they have their favorites and they find something bad for everyone else regardless of how strong their performance was. Yeah, I'm going to say it, Hype 5-0 is the underdog and I am strongly rooting for them. This was the first week where I feel they deserve to NOT be in the bottom crews.

Heavy Impact
You Should Be Dancing by The Bee Gees
I loved their lifts leading into the death drops. They had a very energetic piece and I really doubted they'd be able to pull of the lifts.

Static Noyze
A Fifth of Bethoven by Walter Murphy
I don't think they said what exactly they had to incorporate. The lifts were very impressive, especially that last one where the guy snaked around the other guy's body. They did very well, especially considering they had to change stuff around at the last minute due to that back injury.

Jungle Boogie
Jungle Boogie 
They're doing The Bump, which is a really simple move. I loved the gender role switch up where she did the lifting. The flip over the three guys was also really impressive. This routine was a big improvement over last week, but I'm not sure it was enough to save them from the double elimination.

Static Noyze and Heavy Impact are heading home. I was very surprised since I thought Static Noyze would be saved.

Random, but I had to point out the best quote of the night: "She held her legs apart, so classy."

My prediction for next week, the bottom two will be Saltare and Hype 5-0. Saltare had some obvious slip ups and I just don't think America loves Hype 5-0 as much as I do.


This is how I'm spending my Saturday night. Yeah, you know you're jealous. This is going to be awesome!

Produced by B-movie extraordinaire Roger Corman, this is sure to be an awesomely bad, but so much fun film. SyFy Original Movies really are our generations B-Movies. 

DinoShark airs Saturday March 13, 9pm ET/PT. Watch it!

Oscar Winning Short: Logorama

This year's winner is definitely memorable. In today's society where we are surrounded by brands and marketing noise, it just makes sense that this would happen sooner or later. In a way, it reminds me of Josie & The Pussycats (a highly underrated film in my opinion). It uses the familiar images of logos to tell a story that at the same time subverts the brands they have come to represent. Ronald McDonald as the murderer? You could interpret that as the fast food chain is slowly killing our youth and the smaller burger joints alike, or you could just watch it and laugh that such an icon for children and charity is now the bad guy.

A great short and totally deserving of its win.

Twilight Eclipse: New Trailer