Friday, May 27, 2011

Linkulous: Interactive Make-Up, Urban Outfitters Scandal, HuffPo Hatred, and more

Online Advertising Racks Up Record $7.3B First Quarter

Which would you prefer: $1 million or a hot body? - I'm thinking you should take the money, use some of it for a trainer and some cooking lessons, and then TRAVEL THE WORLD WITH ALL THAT MONEY!

Makeup Gets Interactive: Social Networks, Virtual Makeovers, and More - I wrote these words! Check out the virtual makeover and anti-aging tool.

Not cool Urban Outfitters, not cool. Terrible!

You Still Can't Sanction the Endzone - USC's appeal was denied. Well, fuck them; bowls are for salad.

HuffPo Employees Flee AOL After "Brutal" "Awful" "Worst Few Weeks"

I am your Grandma:

ABDC Season 6: Kanye West Challenge

The top three take the stage to Kanye West's tracks and have to attack a type of dance that relates to Kanye's constant evolution through dance styles. I guess Kanye's too busy with all that power to intro the songs since Season 5 winners are introducing the crews to their challenge. Also, instead of each of the crews getting a single Kanye song, they'll be dancing to a super master mix and all have to include The Dougie, Boogaloo, and Isolations.

Group Performance
Kanye West Song: All of the Lights feat. Rihanna
Awesome routine with some great use of the stage and interaction with the audience. It's just glaringly obvious that Iconic Boyz are being outdanced in these numbers though. If they win this show, I'm going to be pissed. This is supposed to be America's BEST Dance Crew, not America's CUTEST Dance Crew.

The crew locked in for the finale is...