Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Glee: Grilled Cheesus

Last night is what I wish Glee would be more often. While there were a lot of songs, not all of the choices I agree with, there was also a plot that had emotional weight. The songs factored into the emotion and worked to further the plot rather than to just exist and distract.

Once again, Kurt and his father prove to be the emotional core to the show. No other character packs as much punch when it comes to sympathy, empathy, and heart. The highlight of the episode was Kurt's rendition of I Want to Hold Your Hand by the Beatles.

Between the song choice (one of my favorites from The Beatles and Across the Universe) and the flashbacks, Glee broke me. I cried for Kurt and his father and was rooting for his speedy recovery.

It's episodes like this that make me wish Glee was more serial. It did a complete 180 from last week's Britney/Brittany craziness to this week's heartbreaking Grilled Cheesus.

What was your favorite number from last night? Am I alone in wishing for some tonal continuity? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Last night is what I wish Glee would never be. Ever. WAAAYYYY to serious!! and..seriously...those song choices were way to literal. Also, not enough Britney. Last weeks episode was what Glee should ALWAYS be!

  2. haha, and maybe that's why they're doing what they're doing. one off episodes with no throughline so they can go in any direction they wish. This is an episode that could get Chris Colfer another Emmy nom, but I doubt last week's will get any type of award recognition.

  3. The Kurt storylines are usually my favorite. And yes, "I Want To Hold Your Hand" was my choice for best song of the night. I love how they changed it. I just hope the writers don't "forget" about this episode. I'd like to see what happens with Kurt's father. Jean

  4. Thanks, Jean! That's what I mean about continuity and being more serial - they SHOULDN'T forget about this episode and have another Brittany/Britney type show next week. I don't know what's in store for next week, but I really hope they acknowledge what happened/is happening to Kurt's dad.

    @Brian - I also just want to clarify that I don't want every episode to be as serious as this one. I just want every episode to MATTER to the characters, for their to be growth and emotions behind their actions rather just have them recreate pop hits to sell songs on iTunes. I don't feel like that's too much to ask.