Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Channing Tatum in THE EAGLE

Damn, he looks good in a Roman outfit.

For more info on the film, check my post on Gordon and the Whale.

Survey Says: Naked Grandma!

Steve Harvey's face is priceless. It reminds of Kenan's impression of him on SNL.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Music Monday: Rerezzed by The Glitch Mob

This fan-made Tron video is pretty awesome! Is it December 17 yet?

This baby has excellent musical taste

I hope this video makes you smile on this rough Monday. Mondays after long weekends are always the worst!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Michael Cera School of Acting

I'm a fan of Michael Cera and even I am getting tired of him playing the same old schtick. However, I cannot even express how much I love Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. This was a role that perfectly suited Cera and his awkward/mopey/hipster/indie style. If he doesn't branch out and try new roles soon, guaranteed it will be the pinnacle of his career despite the fact that it was a box office flop. Either way, there's no denying the kid gets work. If you're a struggling young male actor, may I suggest the Michael Cera School of Acting:

Blues Clues by Christopher Nolan

Blues Clues was a staple among children's television in the 90s. While I was a little too old for it when it came on, my younger brother was an avid watcher, happily singing along to the songs and shouting out answers. Now look at what Blue has become! See what Blues Clues would look like with a decidedly adult tone through the eyes of someone like Christopher Nolan.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


SyFy Original Movies doesn't take a break for the holiday weekend! Catch the latest original flick tonight at 9pm EST/PST.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Black Friday!

Now that Thanksgiving dinner has been eaten, we're getting ready for BLACK FRIDAY! I'm planning on getting to the stores by 4am to partake in the madness. I hope I survive! Check out this SNL Black Friday sketch, which perfectly captures the madness that is Doorbuster sales.

Glee: Thoughts on "Furt"

It's been a while since I did an episode recap for Glee. Mostly because I've been kind of apathetic towards this season. The characters have been flat, plotlines have bordered on ridiculous, and it's the most inconsistent show currently on air.

However, last night's episode finally had me excited about the musical numbers, the characters exhibited growth, well at least a couple, and one of the storylines made sense. I'm just going to ignore the entire Sue-plotline. If that hadn't been so off the wall and a poor man's Carrie Bradshaw, this episode would have been in my top favorites list.

It's a shame that only Kurt seems to get depth in the show. They are able to handle that well (most of the time) and I wish they would apply that to the other core characters. This week, in the face of bullying, the other glee kids stood by their own and defended him. All of them except Finn that is. I was worried he was going the way of Shuester, but unlike him he actually redeemed himself rather smoothly and I still believe he is a genuinely good guy. Also, he's a teenager. I'm much more willing to forgive his idiotic decisions in the quest for popularity than I am for Will. Will is a grown man and should know better. Most of the time, he just comes off as selfish, using the kids or glee performances to get what he wants out of it rather than listening to the kids.

This week didn't very much Will and I think it was better for it. He didn't perform with the kids, shoehorning himself into an uncomfortable situation. I also really enjoyed his rendition of "Sway" which was age appropriate, and while it is odd that he's performing at his students' parents' wedding, it definitely felt more organic than his decision to replace Sam as Rocky in the Rocky Horror Glee Show.

Speaking of the wedding, watch my favorite scene from the episode. "Marry You" by Bruno Mars:

When this started, I was so excited all I could do was tweet in caps lock. This song, and Bruno Mars in general, have been my musical obsession for the past few weeks. I never expected them to do this song, since it's not even on the radio. This song choice, the sappy vows to each other and to Kurt, the whole thing had me teary eyed. Yes, the vows were a little too sappy. Yes, they present Kurt as St. Kurt who does no wrong and deserves everyone's love and adoration. But, I fully believed their heartfelt words. Some people thought the Finn serenade of "Just the Way You Are" (TWO Bruno Mars songs in one episode) was too much, but after the way he let Kurt be bullied, he had to do a big gesture to get back in Kurt's, and the audience's, good graces. This redemption hasn't been done for Will yet and I think if it doesn't happen soon, it'll be too little, too late. I'm glad to see Finn isn't following in his footsteps, at least not yet anyway.

We've still got a lot of the season left and I'm interested to see how they deal with Kurt at the new school. I don't see how he can stay there long and remain a part of the core of the show. And as the only character with depth and complete likability, they either need to keep him around or learn how to flesh out the other characters so they're not so one note. Here's hoping they continue at this level of quality, as this is by far the most erratic television show on air right now. Have you heard about the Three Glees Theory? 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cookie Monster Auditions to Host SNL

Including segments riffing on Macgruber, Weekend Update, and Lady Gaga, this is 4 minutes of happiness.

I would totally watch an episode of SNL hosted by him! If you would to, you can "like" the facebook page to join the movement.

Jimmy Fallon: The Gummi Bear Song

The Gummi Bear's theme song is one of the most epic from my childhood. You know you loved it.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Daniel Radcliffe IS Harry Potter

Sorry, but I'm still in Harry Potter mode I guess.

Check out what Daniel Radcliffe has to say when Judd Apatow asks him about playing the same character for over 10 years.

Conan's bored by the latest Harry Potter

Oh Conan, I love you.


Nicolas Cage Loses His Shit

In honor of my 1000th post, I present you with a compilation of Nicolas Cage losing his shit:

Monday, November 22, 2010

Music Monday: "Kiss & Tell" by Dynamite Walls

I'm sad I couldn't find a version with clearer audio, but they were great at The Viper Room this past weekend! My write up for The Audio Perv should be going up soon, so keep an eye out.

SNL: The Thanksgiving Awards

While this didn't make the cut to air on Saturday, it's hilarious! Anne Hathaway steals the scene with her drunken confession. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen: Whip My Hair

I wish I could stay up and actually watch Jimmy Fallon some nights. Wow, now I feel old for saying that. Oh well, enjoy this rendition of "Why My Hair" performed by Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen:

Every Arnold Schwarzenegger scream ever

Ah, The Governator. I wonder if he'll return to making movies now that his political career has ended.

Friday, November 19, 2010

In Soviet Russia, RAT chases CAT

Happy Friday!

8-Bit Harry Potter

See Also: 8-bit There Will Be Blood

Linkulous: Best Films of the Decade, Harry Potter, Bill Nye, and More

30 Best Films of the Decade

Did Harry Potter Really Steal All These Story Ideas? 

Why Men Fake Orgasms from a Man Who Has Faked an Orgasm

Bill Nye of 'The Science Guy' fame collapses during speech at USC

Matt Barkley for Heisman

Top 10 New Cult Movies

Top 10 Movie Plot Holes You Probably Never Noticed Before 

Good Deal: Buy 1 Get 1 Free at Starbucks

Tis the season! To celebrate the approaching holidays, Starbucks is offering a "Buy 1, Get 1 Free" special on their holiday drinks. The catch is it's only available 2 - 5pm, so most 9-5ers can't partake until the weekend. Boo.

This year's holiday drinks include the caramel brulée latte, peppermint mocha, peppermint white chocolate mocha, peppermint hot chocolate, gingerbread latte and eggnog latte. Mmmmm I'm excited to pick up a peppermint mocha and caramel brulée latte this weekend!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Antoine Dodson at Hogwarts

Ok, this will be the last Harry Potter post before I head out to grab dinner and wait in line for the movie. OMIGODSOEXCITED!

Harry Potter: American Talk

Emma is so cute when she's like "This is a trick!"

I think Ron and Tom can pull it off best, but they definitely still need some work.

In other Harry Potter news: 10 technologies in Harry Potter that we wish were real.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Hangover

OMG HARRY POTTER MIDNIGHT SCREENING IN 11 HOURS. All of my posts will be HP related today, just a heads up.

For now, enjoy Hogwarts Hangover:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Anne Hathaway Hosts SNL This Saturday

Another one of my girl crushes is taking the reigns on SNL this week. My favorite bit: "Braaaiiiinnsss" because, of course.

Cowboys & Aliens Blasts Off!

OMG. So awesome. I went into Comic-Con not expecting much from this, thinking it would be a rip off of my dearly beloved and departed Firefly, but this looks all shades of awesome! I love Jon Favreau's use of practical effects. Too many films are just CGI showcases, so it's always nice when a director chooses to kick it old school. What do you think? Are you looking forward to this flick? 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Matt LeBlanc returns to TV in "Episodes"

Joey! Matt LeBlanc stars as himself in the upcoming Showtime comedy "Episodes." With so many Brit shows crossing the pond, I think this show could be hilarious and right on the money. Plus, how good is Matt looking?! What a silver fox!

Good Deal: Two Free Tacos at Jack in the Box Today

Just a quick notice that today after 2pm, you can swing by your local Jack in the Box and pick up 2 free tacos. No purchase necessary, no coupon needed. It's the easiest way to get free food since you lived at home!

Harry Potter Alternate Reality

With Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part 1 coming out in a matter of days, I've got HP fever! Any and everything relating to the film, I need to see it. And this one stood out from the rest.

What if Harry was sorted in Slytherin? What if instead of being best friends with Ron and Hermoine, he and Draco were the best of buds?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Music Monday: "Too Deep" by Girl Talk

If you enjoyed that song, you should definitely check out their latest album, which is available for free download starting today.

Girl Talk is a one man mash-up phenom, taking clips and snippets of songs we already love and creating something entirely new and amazing out it. I'm a huge fan and so excited to dig into this new album. Enjoy!

Choose Your Own Adventure: Night of Living Dead

Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend! I was hardly on a computer at all thanks to my boyfriend's parents coming in to town. We wined. We dined. It was great! But now, back to the daily grind and I'll try to post more make up for the abandonment.

Choose your own adventure through Romero's zombie classic Night of the Living Dead. Watch the first video and then start clicking your way through to see where your decisions lead you.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vampire Diaries: Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Please forgive any disjointedness, I'm not running on my usual amount of sleep...

Last week, we met the Originals and saved Elena from Elijah...or so we thought. This week, we go back in time once again! These are usually my favorite.

We get a flashback to Bulgaria, 1490 and see that Katherine gave birth to a baby girl, disgracing her family in the process. This hidden child will prove to be very important. I wonder who the father is? He could be someone of significance down the road.

Elena stops by the Salvatore house to face her capture, Rose. They dive deep into the mythology; Claus is the oldest vampire and he wants to break the curse. He's now likely after Elena, to sacrifice the doppelganger. This storyline reminds me of Twilight, with the Volturi going after Bella. Am I alone in this?

Bonnie and Jeremy continue building their friendship (soon to be relationship?!?). Although, a new student named Luka shows up. He's black and likely witchy, so of course there's chemistry. I hope they're not related!

Elena goes down to the tomb to visit Katherine, and it's Caroline's job to open the tomb, and make sure Stefan doesn't go looking for Elena while she's busy. Caroline's right to wonder why Katherine would tell the truth about this, when all she has done is lie from the beginning. Katherine emerges from the darkness and she does not look good. She's been without blood for a few weeks now and it shows.

The Petrova family history shows that Katherine is the end of the family lie. But as we saw in the flashback that opened the episode, we know that's not true. Elena brings blood as a peace offering/incentive to get her to spill on Claus and vampire lore.

Katherine and Claus go back to England, 1492. She was thrown out of Bulgaria for having a baby out of wedlock. While in England, she caught the eye of a nobleman, Claus. She was taken with him, until she found out what he really was. She ran, but couldn't evade him forever. Now we get to see the story of Trevor and Rose, how they helped Katherine which led to them running for the past 500 years.

Rose has only been around for about 5 minutes and she can already see that Damon is in love with Elena. Perceptive girl! Rose and Damon head out to talk to someone who may know where Claus is. They reach the informant, who oddly hangs out in an coffee shop/wifi spot all the time because the glass blocks the UV rays. He was turned while in university, and now he's got dozens and dozens of degrees. Apparently, his connection to the originals ends with Elijah, who they all believe is dead.

Caroline uses her and Tyler's information swap as an excuse to keep Stefan from checking in on Elena. They gab over food and Stefan reveals that he's a good friend to her because she reminds him of his best friend Lexi. Their fast friendship does make a bit more sense now, I had forgotten all about her existence. He finally wises up to her plot to keep him distracted. His first thought is that she's with Damon (ew), which shows that he is bothered a bit by the fact that Damon is in love with her.

Trevor helps Katherine escape, by telling her to go a cabin for safety. Rose is there and ready to turn her back in to Claus. However, Katherine would rather die than go back to him, so she stabs herself in a suicide attempt. Rose won't allow it and feeds her some of her blood to heal her. When Trevor comes back, Rose is distracted just long enough for Katherine to hang herself, knowing that vampire blood would be no good to him. It seems the only way for Elena to escape Claus is to kill herself or become a vampire. She used them to get what she wanted and didn't even bat an eyelash.

Katherine finally came back to get the stone, Elena, a werewolf to sacrifice, a witch to do the spell, and a vampire to complete the reversal of the curse.

Bonnie runs into Luka, the new kid, with his dad, Dr. Martin. The moved from Louisana to Mystic Falls, by way of Salem. They knew some Bennets out there, you know that can't be a coincident. Seriously, is every black person that comes on the show going to be a witch and/or related to Bonnie? We need more diversity than this!

If a vampire breaks the curse, the werewolves are stuck with the curse of the moon forever. And vice versa. Rose and everyone believes werewolves are extinct, until Damon tells them otherwise. Meanwhile, Elijah is listening outside, jingling a handful of change. I thought he would crush the coins down to a bullet or something, but instead he does something smarter. He throws the coins at the windows, shattering the entire storefront window. The sun streams into the cafe and the vampires scream and writhe in agony as they burn. Damon is fine thanks to the DayRing, but the others try to crawl to safety. Damon rescues Rose, but the other guy goes missing.

Luka demonstrates his abilities by floating salt on the table. They're warlocks, of course.

Katherine returned to Bulgaria to see her family, only to find them all massacred. He killed her entire family just to get back at her for running. Apparently they can stop Claus with the moonstone. Did she make it all up to get them to let her out? She brings up a valid point that as long as she's in there, she's safe from harm. No vampire would go in there to kill her, only to get stuck themselves.

Damon and Rose have a talk about Elena and Trevor, about emotions and survival, and of course it leads them making out and sexxx.
"In order to survive, you need to not care about anyone."
Damnit, why do I feel bad for Jeremy when he sees Bonnie and Luka talking? I don't want them together because it's her best friend's brother! But, he just looked so sad and like he was thinking "of course she's not in to me, I'm just the dorky younger brother."

Elena finally lets it all sink that all the madness is not because of her and Stefan falling in love. She breaks down in Stefan's arms...does this mean their back together? Their being apart no longer makes sense now that we know nothing is going to keep Elena safe.

Apparently, Originals can compel vampires just the same as vampires can compel humans. Elijah gets Slater to deliver false information - that the moonstone and witch will be able to break the need for a doppelganger sacrifice - and then stake himself. Then, we find out that Dr. Martin, the new kid's dad is somehow working with Elijah! Bonnie's in danger. Bonnie's in danger!

There's not another new episode until December 2. WHAT!

Friday, November 12, 2010

My Favorite Moment from Conan's First Week

This one interview contains all these things I love:
Tom Hanks
Woodland Hills
George Takei
and Humpback Whales

It's like it was tailor made for me to love it! The only thing that could have possibly made it better is if they talked about vampires too.

You Look Like Shit

I knew it was a common saying in films, but this is hilarious!

Jimmy Fallon's a Sucker

This is a few days old, but I had to post it. At 12 minutes, it's little long but keep watching because the last 4 minutes is probably my favorite part.

I honestly don't know of any other late night show doing such in depth skits and sketches. Jimmy Fallon really took his SNL years to heart and has infused Late Night with awesome sketches like this and the Glee parodies.

Jeff Goldblum & Biz Markie Perform “Just A Friend” with Jimmy Fallon

Jeff Goldblum has still got it! I've already watched this video like 5 times, and anytime I need a pick-me-up, this is now my go-to cure.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The LXD: Season 2 Episodes 4 and 5

With my new work and gym schedule, I'm finding it harder and harder to stay up to date on all my pop culture-y needs. Seems like The LXD was the first to fall behind. Check out the latest episodes below and prepare to have your mind blown from the awesome moves!

Office Space: The Musical

Don't worry, this isn't real, but I would totally watch it if it was. This little video was created to promote the Blu-Ray release of the film, which you can buy on Amazon by clicking the link below.

[Huffington Post]

Sneak Peek: Summer Glau on Chuck

Summer Glau, nerd goddess, drops in to Chuck this week as the new Greta. It looks like she'll have more to work with than just looking perfect like the previous Gretas' of Olivia Munn, Stacey Kiebler, and Isaiah Mustafa (the Old Spice Guy). Jeff and Lester want to KNOW her and that means they're in prime stalking mode. See what Greta has to say about that in the clip below.

[E! Online]

Remember Veteran's Day

In my family, we never forget Veteran's Day. My father served 18 years in the Air Force, with all of his brothers serving in one branch or another. PostSecret made this great video and I just had to post it.

Thanks to all the men and women who have served and are serving our country!

ScarJo hosts SNL this Saturday

ScarJo is my major girl crush, so I will always watch whatever she is in. It certainly helps that she's married to my other big crush, Ryan Reynolds. They both are hilarious and have been solid on SNL stints.

She's hosting this Saturday again and new promos have been released. Check them out below:

Anyone else as excited about this as I am?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Charles Barkley is a Dumbass

The guys over at NBA on TNT decided to have some fun with Charles Barkley. Taking a queue from Anchorman, the played around with the teleprompter just to see if he would continue reading. Check it out below:

Cee-Lo Green sings "Fox News" on The Colbert Report

Since The Colbert Report is on basic cable, Cee-Lo couldn't see the actual version of his hit song "Fuck You." So, instead of seeing the radio edit "Forget You", he and Colbert brainstormed a couple other things he could sing, ultimately setting on the Republican-satire-show-appropriate "Fox News". Check out snippets of the song below:

If I can find the full length video, I'll be sure to post it. But in the mean time, enjoy!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fight Club for the Geriatric Club

Fight Club Performance at the Nursing Home - Watch more Funny Videos

Just a funny video to help you get through your Tuesday :)

Wheel of Fortune Wunderkind

As far as game show moments go, this is pretty amazing! I mean, how did she get that saying with only ONE letter? Who does that?!

What's the Story, Morning Glory?

Am I the only one excited for this rom-com from JJ Abrahms' Bad Robot? I think Rachel McAdams is one of the most underutilized young actresses around. She was the next Julia Roberts after The Notebook and Red Eye, but then...practically nothing until Sherlock Holmes this past winter.

Well, she's finally back in the spotlight and looking more beautiful than ever in Morning Glory.

Morning Glory follows Becky, McAdams, as the young up-and-coming news producer trying to make her show work with the regular show anchor and the grouchy veteran who was brought in to bring credibility and hopefully ratings to the show. Of course, they don't get along and cause all kinds of trouble on air and off.

This clip from the film, originally posted on Hollywood.com, is of a sexy scene between Rachel McAdams and her love interest, Patrick Wilson.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monosyllabic Mash-Up of the Day

The popularity of the "Don Draper says What?" video has spawned a mash up with Hurley's best "Dude"s from Lost. Enjoy!

Music Monday: California Girls by The Smiles

I went to the KROQ Locals Only Show at The Roxy on Saturday and just loved all the bands that performed. I hadn't heard much about any of them, but have since downloaded The Smiles FREE EP and been streaming Vanaprasta and Young the Giant.

Expect my review of the show to go up on The Audio Perv in the next day or two.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Paul Rudd is Immortal

Paul Rudd looks the same from his days in Clueless to Friends to Dinner for Schmucks. Further proof that he doesn't age: This Super Nintendo Commercial

Besides the hair, he seriously hasn't changed!

Ryan Reynolds and the Muppets are....The A-Team!

Adorable! Yet another reason to love Ryan Reynolds! :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vampire Diaries: Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Last week, Elena was kidnapped just when we thought she would be safe now that Katherine is entombed. Everyone should know by now that Elena is NEVER safe.

Caroline fills in Damon on what exactly happened with Tyler and he is not pleased with how chummy they are. Tyler doesn't know about vampires (amazingly enough) and he wants it stay that way. They can't be friends and still keep him in the dark on all other supernatural things. Caroline and Tyler have a lot in common now - recently turned into creatures they didn't even believe in, having to adjust to this whole supernatural thing. Maybe this werewolf change will be just as good for Tyler as it has been for Caroline? Caroline is one of my favorite characters now, whereas she was just the annoying friend in season 1.

Elena's been kidnapped by some foreign vampires, Rose and Trevor, who are working to make a deal with some guy named Elijah. Apparently they are functioning as a delivery service for him. He's one of "The Originals." The Salvatores really need to go into vampire history more, I want to know the lore of this world!

Jeremy, Stefan, and Bonnie work to try to find Elena. Bonnie does her magic, using Jeremy's blood to find his sister. Damon and Stefan set out on a roadtrip to rescue her and address Damon's reasons for helping. Stefan seems so nonchalant about the thought that his brother might be in love with Elena, the love of his life.

Tyler busts out a Teen Wolf move, dunking in a small pick up basketball game. He is not handling transitioning well. He knows Caroline has answers and won't let up until she reveals her strength to him. Now he knows she knows something!

Jeremy and Bonnie wait at home and do research while the others go to Elena. Their chemistry is weirding me out! It's his sister's best friend! I know there's not much of an age difference, but still. Bonnie decides to try to send Elena a message. For her last spell it was just a little drop of blood from the nose, but with this magic her nose bleed is worse, she starts convulsing, and then just when the spell is done and we think she's ok, she falls back. I knew that drop of blood was forboding, but I thought it wouldn't be addressed for an episode or two. This is why I love this show, everything happens at a breakneck pace and there is never a dull episode. This one is considered a slow one because it's after Katherine but before the next evil has fully developed, and it's STILL a solid episode.

Back with Elena, she's learning more about the history of her kidnapper. She apparently knows of the Salvatores, and was even set up with Stefan because "he's one of the good ones." But she likes the bad boys, maybe she'd do well with Damon? She and Trevor have been running for 500 years and they're using Elena to get themselves out of it. She's a Petrova doppelganger, meaning she's the key to breaking the sun and the moon key. The moonstone binds the curse, but the blood of the doppelganger in a sacrifice will break it. And of course, it can't just be a few drops of blood; Elena has to die.

Caroline is completely out of the loop for this rescue mission. Tyler corners her in her own home, trying to get her to reveal herself. He thinks she's a werewolf and she just laughs in his face over the absurdity of that. He gets her to use her strength and finally she comes clean about vampires. Well, mostly. She says she's the only one she knows of.

Damon and Stefan's road trip bonding leads to him revealing that he's been feeding on Elena, trying to control his blood lust. Damon reminisces about the good ole days of when Stefan lived for the kill; he would tear people apart just for fun. Stefan found a better reason to live, and can't think of a better way to die than to go out trying to save the love his (very long) life.

Bonnie's ok; she just passed out briefly. She doesn't want anyone other than Jeremy knowing about her weakness, because it could be used to hurt her. She and Jeremy are getting awfully close...

Rose works a deal with Elijah, but he can't forgive trevor for his betrayal. One swift move and Trevor is no more. Decapitated! Elena tries to negotiate her safety for knowledge of the location of the moonstone. Elijah doesn't work that way. He just rips of her vervain necklace and compels her to reveal that the moonstone is in the tomb beneath the church. She doesn't say that Katherine is down there, so that could be a pleasant surprise for him should he go after it.

Damon and Stefan come in with all of Alaric's weapons and the battle is quick, smart, and strategic. They throw Elijah off by taunting from different parts of the room. Elena lures him in saying she's sorry for her friends and she'll go with him, then she throws a vervain bomb in his face! That was some great special effects to see his face heal so quickly. He's definitely strong from his age. Stefan shoots him with the thin  stake gun, they fight down the stairs and Damon gets in the kill shot! Everything happened so fast, it was awesome!

Elena's reunion with Jeremy and Bonnie was so well done. Excellent music choice.

Stefan and Damon continue the bonding even back at home. Stefan apologizes for making Damon turn 145 years ago. He's never said it out loud; he just didn't want to be alone. I think this could be the beginning of a new, stronger Salvatore brotherly love.

Rose is back because she has no one and no where else to go. She can help Stefan, because Claus will not stop until the doppleganger is sacrificed. I'm excited to see this Claus and the other Originals. The last scene of Elijah, his resurrection on the stake was a shocker! I wonder if there is a way to kill him, or if he's so strong that he can recover from anything.

The most talked about scene from this week will definitely be the Damon and Elena moment at the end.
It's because I love you that I can't be selfish with you. I don't deserve you, but my brother does.
The fact that he poured his heart out and then compelled her to forget is just so heartbreaking! I hope he can find someone to distract him from Elena. Rose is into bad boys, after all.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hollywood Enjoys Hook-ups: Friends with Benefits means No Strings Attached

Two trailers debuted this week and they seem nearly identical.

Friends with Benefits (Red Band Trailer)

No Strings Attached

With similar plots, the only thing that gives Friends With Benefits the edge is the cast. I really like Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake really proved himself as an actor in The Social Network. Natalie Portman just seems better than this material and Ashton Kutcher has been doing these roles for so long. I wish he would try something new! My favorite movie of his was The Butterfly Effect, which is markedly different than the rest of his filmography.

Either way, this look like Netflix material. Which one do you think looks better? Will you see either?  

Linkulous: Glee, BSB, Ugly Wedding, McDonald's and more

The Burger Lab: Revisiting the Myth of The 12-Year Old McDonald's Burger That Just Won't Rot (Testing Results!)
10 Reasons Every TV Exec Needs to Start Tweeting

Check out the ridiculously accurate (spoiler-filled)The Walking Dead Google map

Steven Spielberg's 'Terra Nova' to Air Two-Hour Sneak Peek in May

How To See Movies For Free: A Guide to AFI Fest Ticketing

Nielsen Admits Undercounting Web Traffic

'Daily Show' Beats Leno, Letterman for First Time

Dating Site For Ugly People Results in Hottie-Prince Wedding of the Year

Backstreet Boys Announce Tour With New Kids On The Block

‘TRON: Legacy’ Store To Open in Los Angeles For Six Weeks

The end of the 'do-something' Congress

My Problem with Glee: Will Schuester

Sucker Punch: Full Trailer Online

I'm so excited for this movie! It looked great at Comic-Con and now that more details and images are coming out, it looks even better.

For more on the movie, check out my article over at Gordon and the Whale.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Back to the Future is Back!

The 25th Anniversary re-release was such a success that they're doing it again! In case you missed the two showings the weekend of October 23, then you can try again on November 6. If you're in Los Angeles, you can view it at any of the theaters listed below at 12:30pm.

- AMC Burbank 16
- AMC Universal CityWalk 19
- AMC Puente Hills 20
- AMC Block 30
- AMC Downtown Disney 12
- AMC Covina 30
- AMC Tustin 14
- AMC Ontario Mills 30
- AMC Tyler 16
- AMC Marina Pacifica 12
- AMC Victoria Gardens 12
- AMC Norwalk 20
- AMC Rolling Hills 20

I loved watching in theaters on the 23rd. It was great to see it with fans who were just as in love with as I am, laughing at all the right parts. It was also great to see it uninterrupted and without distractions. The last 100 times I've seen it (ok, that may be exaggeration), I watched it on cable in my living room. Commercial breaks, roommates coming in and out, surfing the net, and who knows what else lead to a very disjointed viewing experience.

In other words, GO CHECK IT OUT! You'll thank me later.

Jimmy Fallon: If Puppies Could Vote

Puppies! So cute!

Don Draper says "What?"

Don Draper sure is incredulous a lot!


Bacon, Bacon Everywhere!

Just when you thought bacon had already been in everything you could think of, Jones Soda just upped the game!

Jones soda is famous for their off the wall flavors - like a Thanksgiving dinner set just for the holidays - but now they've done it. They just introduced Bacon Soda!

Now I love bacon, but I don't know if I want it carbonated. What do you guys think?


William Shatner rocks "Fuck You"

It was just announced that Gwenyth Paltrow will be singing the radio version of "Fuck You" by Cee-Lo on Glee. Well, not to be outdone, Shatner rocked George Lopez tonight with his rendition of the song.

This is why he's still a geek icon at the age of 70. I love him, even with his crappy show $#!t My Dad Says.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How I Met Your Mother: The Beer Ad They Couldn't Air

This season is already leaps and bounds better than last season, which was the weakest in the show's history.

I for one am a fan of Barney/Robin getting back together. I wasn't a fan of them getting together and breaking up the first time around, but the writers have done a much better job of making their connections believable, the slow build up is working. Last time they got together so slowly with very little emotional foundation for it to make sense. And then they broke up at what seemed like a drop of a hat. This time each episode seems to have a little moment between them that further proves their compabatibility and attraction. The fans seem to be pretty split on this issue, and how you feel about their potential recoupling really affects your enjoyment of this season.

Anyways, watch the latest viral video, a beer commercial that couldn't air on TV:

Dallas News Loves/Hates Social Media

This is great! My favorite part is from the skype chat towards the end: "I'll be updating my status to 'scared shitless' after this."


8-bit There Will Be Blood

The critically acclaimed, Oscar nominated film gets a retro re-imagining:

Super There Will Be Blood from Tomfoolery Pictures on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Walking Dead: A Look Ahead

The pilot of The Walking Dead was one of the best pilots I've seen in a long time, maybe even going back so far as to LOST's pilot seven years ago. I'm so glad that the exceptional episode was also rewarded with stellar ratings - 5.3 million, the highest in AMC's history and the highest for a cable series premiere all year.

There are only 6 episodes this season, so be sure to catch every one! I hope the ratings and shortened season mean we get more new episodes sooner rather than later. Catch a peek at what's to come in the next few episodes below:

Short Film: The Legend of Hallowdega

Terry Gilliam is still working on his long developing "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote", but he took a break to make this amazing short film. I'm a little late on finding it, it's Halloween themed, but it's still a fun watch. Starring David Arquette and Justin Kirk (from Showtime's Weeds), it's got some really funny moments. 

Unfortunately I can't embed the video here, but go to the official website for the video and behind the scenes information. 

Seasame Street: There's an App for That!

The Muppets are on a ROLL with all these topical, fun videos.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Music Monday: You Sleep Alone by HelloGoodbye

Hellogoodbye has been one of my favorite bands since high school. When they blew up with "(Here) in your Arms" in 2007, it was awesome to hear them on the radio! I've seen them go from playing small shows at The Cobalt Cafe in Canoga Park to sharing the stage at The Wiltern.

Their new CD, Would It Kill You?, is set to drop November 9. You can pre-order it along with special schwag at the official Hellogoodbye website or from Amazon by clicking the image below.

SNL Highlights: Jon Hamm

There's a reason this is Jon Hamm's third time hosting in just two seasons. He's hilarious and isn't afraid to look ridiculous to get the laugh. I still love the digital short, Sergio, from his last stint, and he was greased up, covered in oil, and sporting a permed mullet for it! There were so many hilarious sketches this week, so sorry for the video overload.

Shy Ronnie
I loved this sketch the last time Rihanna performed, and am so glad they brought it back. Having Ronnie in the skirt with the tiny gun totally fit with his personality and got the laugh. I loved when Ronnie went off as soon as "Clyde" stepped out; he had some sick rhymes! It's just too bad he can't speak in her presence, so she'll never know.

I Didn't Ask For This
This was my favorite sketch from the night! The " Autotuned Best Cry Ever" would totally be my ringtone.

Back to the Future Screen Tests
25 years ago, a film classic came into existence. But it took a lot of casting calls and auditions to find the perfect cast. These impressions are pretty spot on, especially Alan Alda, Robin Williams, and Eddie Murphy. Jay Pharoah is a comedy beast!

Highway Cops

What was your favorite sketch from the night?