Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vampire Diaries: Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Last week, Elena was kidnapped just when we thought she would be safe now that Katherine is entombed. Everyone should know by now that Elena is NEVER safe.

Caroline fills in Damon on what exactly happened with Tyler and he is not pleased with how chummy they are. Tyler doesn't know about vampires (amazingly enough) and he wants it stay that way. They can't be friends and still keep him in the dark on all other supernatural things. Caroline and Tyler have a lot in common now - recently turned into creatures they didn't even believe in, having to adjust to this whole supernatural thing. Maybe this werewolf change will be just as good for Tyler as it has been for Caroline? Caroline is one of my favorite characters now, whereas she was just the annoying friend in season 1.

Elena's been kidnapped by some foreign vampires, Rose and Trevor, who are working to make a deal with some guy named Elijah. Apparently they are functioning as a delivery service for him. He's one of "The Originals." The Salvatores really need to go into vampire history more, I want to know the lore of this world!

Jeremy, Stefan, and Bonnie work to try to find Elena. Bonnie does her magic, using Jeremy's blood to find his sister. Damon and Stefan set out on a roadtrip to rescue her and address Damon's reasons for helping. Stefan seems so nonchalant about the thought that his brother might be in love with Elena, the love of his life.

Tyler busts out a Teen Wolf move, dunking in a small pick up basketball game. He is not handling transitioning well. He knows Caroline has answers and won't let up until she reveals her strength to him. Now he knows she knows something!

Jeremy and Bonnie wait at home and do research while the others go to Elena. Their chemistry is weirding me out! It's his sister's best friend! I know there's not much of an age difference, but still. Bonnie decides to try to send Elena a message. For her last spell it was just a little drop of blood from the nose, but with this magic her nose bleed is worse, she starts convulsing, and then just when the spell is done and we think she's ok, she falls back. I knew that drop of blood was forboding, but I thought it wouldn't be addressed for an episode or two. This is why I love this show, everything happens at a breakneck pace and there is never a dull episode. This one is considered a slow one because it's after Katherine but before the next evil has fully developed, and it's STILL a solid episode.

Back with Elena, she's learning more about the history of her kidnapper. She apparently knows of the Salvatores, and was even set up with Stefan because "he's one of the good ones." But she likes the bad boys, maybe she'd do well with Damon? She and Trevor have been running for 500 years and they're using Elena to get themselves out of it. She's a Petrova doppelganger, meaning she's the key to breaking the sun and the moon key. The moonstone binds the curse, but the blood of the doppelganger in a sacrifice will break it. And of course, it can't just be a few drops of blood; Elena has to die.

Caroline is completely out of the loop for this rescue mission. Tyler corners her in her own home, trying to get her to reveal herself. He thinks she's a werewolf and she just laughs in his face over the absurdity of that. He gets her to use her strength and finally she comes clean about vampires. Well, mostly. She says she's the only one she knows of.

Damon and Stefan's road trip bonding leads to him revealing that he's been feeding on Elena, trying to control his blood lust. Damon reminisces about the good ole days of when Stefan lived for the kill; he would tear people apart just for fun. Stefan found a better reason to live, and can't think of a better way to die than to go out trying to save the love his (very long) life.

Bonnie's ok; she just passed out briefly. She doesn't want anyone other than Jeremy knowing about her weakness, because it could be used to hurt her. She and Jeremy are getting awfully close...

Rose works a deal with Elijah, but he can't forgive trevor for his betrayal. One swift move and Trevor is no more. Decapitated! Elena tries to negotiate her safety for knowledge of the location of the moonstone. Elijah doesn't work that way. He just rips of her vervain necklace and compels her to reveal that the moonstone is in the tomb beneath the church. She doesn't say that Katherine is down there, so that could be a pleasant surprise for him should he go after it.

Damon and Stefan come in with all of Alaric's weapons and the battle is quick, smart, and strategic. They throw Elijah off by taunting from different parts of the room. Elena lures him in saying she's sorry for her friends and she'll go with him, then she throws a vervain bomb in his face! That was some great special effects to see his face heal so quickly. He's definitely strong from his age. Stefan shoots him with the thin  stake gun, they fight down the stairs and Damon gets in the kill shot! Everything happened so fast, it was awesome!

Elena's reunion with Jeremy and Bonnie was so well done. Excellent music choice.

Stefan and Damon continue the bonding even back at home. Stefan apologizes for making Damon turn 145 years ago. He's never said it out loud; he just didn't want to be alone. I think this could be the beginning of a new, stronger Salvatore brotherly love.

Rose is back because she has no one and no where else to go. She can help Stefan, because Claus will not stop until the doppleganger is sacrificed. I'm excited to see this Claus and the other Originals. The last scene of Elijah, his resurrection on the stake was a shocker! I wonder if there is a way to kill him, or if he's so strong that he can recover from anything.

The most talked about scene from this week will definitely be the Damon and Elena moment at the end.
It's because I love you that I can't be selfish with you. I don't deserve you, but my brother does.
The fact that he poured his heart out and then compelled her to forget is just so heartbreaking! I hope he can find someone to distract him from Elena. Rose is into bad boys, after all.

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